Family modelling – how does it work?

Have you ever seen an advert on TV and thought something just didn’t look right?

Maybe you’ve been watching a film and thought a character wasn’t as realistic as the others. You can’t put your finger on why the character didn’t fit in with the cast, but you were simply aware that the character was unconvincing and, dare we say it, unbelievable.

Well, looking for a family in a commercial modelling campaign must be the exact opposite to this scenario for the campaign to be a success. Credibility goes a long way to entice customers, and to maintain the interest of viewers and listeners in all sorts of campaigns.

When clients come to Models Direct with a request for a family, we generally put forward real families. True – families can be made from professional models who have never met before, and sometimes this arrangement can work. But there is no substitute for the genuine article, and this is why lots of our assignments cry out for real families from all four corners of the UK.   

When it comes to family modelling, there are many advantages that work in a family’s favour. Have a look at the below points:

·        Social bubbles during the past few months of lockdown have been beneficial for families, because same households were allowed to participate in commercial modelling jobs as laid by the government. And – heaven forbid – families will still be able to pursue their modelling dreams should another lockdown take place.

·        It’s much easier for a real family to be booked by a client. Not only will there often be just one point of contact (the “head” of the family, possibly?), travel arrangements are made that much more convenient when booking numerous people from the same household.

·        Even if genuine family members live in different households, there’ll be no pretence in resembling a real family because…well, you are a real family!

·        If the assignment calls for a family with very young family members, a real family will know the requirements of the younger members. For example, this will prove invaluable if there are allergy or dietary concerns for the “little ones”. Think how many requirements might have to be considered if the family was assembled from four or five individual models who’ve never met before?

·        Have you worked before as a modelling family? No problem – if you have the looks we’re looking for then experience is not essential.

Family modelling works because of the complete relationship between family members, the result of which is a sincere group of people shining on camera and not pretending to be natural. Sometimes, only authenticity is required for a modelling assignment to work – that is, it’s a case of giving a family minimal instructions and letting nature take its course. Families who love and respect each other often excel at commercial modelling because of trust and the enjoyment of being in each other’s company. 


So, when you see a family in print (holiday brochures are a good example), online (think hotel websites for family accommodation and food) or on TV (Christmas adverts for example), most of the families are likely to be genuine ones. And, just think…your family could soon be the “genuine article” if you sign up to Models Direct. When you’ve  applied with us, our booking team will look forward to putting your lovely family forward for fun and exciting family modelling assignments.