Child Modelling

Though every parent cherishes their children, lockdown has been a gruelling time full of challenges, tears and joy…

Why joy? Because lockdown has, for many, been a chance for youngsters to learn more and acquire new skills. It could be talking more, reading more books, or simply interacting more with parents or adults in the same “bubble”.

Why tears? Let’s face it – lockdown was a new experience that lost its appeal (if there was any…) after the first month. Periods of lockdowns were mind numbing to many, and children possibly suffered more than most. Take away school and social interaction, and it added up to a miserable time for the little ones.

And challenges? Just coping with lockdown was a trial. Adapting to new schedules is something a lot of people are not good at! And for children, lockdown was seen by many as a time of confusion and anxiety.

All that can be said is that if you – and your children – came out of lockdown with your mental health intact, that’s a minor accomplishment in its own right. So well done!

Hopefully there will never be another lockdown; this is just as much of a relief to parents as it’ll be to children. Summer holidays in 2021 can be seen as a post-pandemic liberation – a time where we still have to remain diligent, but without the same degree of emergency as the dreadful year earlier. Children have the chance to explore new activities, creating fond memories as any decent summer holiday should. And long may it continue! Children need to be constantly learning, enjoying life, cementing friendships and making new ones.

It’s this ideology that makes child modelling a win-win situation for both child and parent. We place a huge emphasis on safety, and this is seen more in child modelling than any other category. It’s true that a lot of our clients are looking for personable, outgoing children for a wide range of modelling jobs, and it’s equally true that their safety is paramount. After we’ve verified our client’s reputation and location, we actively encourage adult models to bring along a friend to their assignments. When it comes to children, parental or guardian accompaniment is essential; parents should expect nothing else.     

We’ve placed literally hundreds of children in exciting modelling jobs throughout the UK. We’re proud of the feedback and enjoy hearing the success stories from the parents.

Take young Callice, Henry, Holly and Georgina, who were thrilled to be working on a campaign for children’s meals with They were able to express their talent for a notable airline whilst working with professional photographers in a safe environment. The fees, of course, only added to their enjoyment!

Clients don’t get much bigger than Sky, who were pleased to have Freya and Sophia on board for their Christmas advertising campaign. The two young models spoke to Father Christmas, and couldn’t stop talking about their unique experience all the way home!

We’ve placed children with McDonalds, large shopping centres and some brands stocking the latest in children’s fashions. Children are indeed the future, and our clients are only too aware.

Why not apply with us and your child could soon be a star in the making? Now, that would be something for them to talk about with their friends after the summer holidays…