What does the booking team do?

It’s important for models to know how we have been a successful commercial model agency for over 30 years. Though there are a few cogs in the wheel that combine to make our operation run smoothly, our booking team is at the forefront of our business…. 

As they’re on the frontline, our booking team knows which assignments are the most suitable for our models. This comes with experience, so our clients are confident they’re getting the best candidates to meet their requirements. 

The process which results in a model securing an assignment starts with the model’s application – which is surprisingly straightforward. Applications can be notoriously complex, with several uploads, images and prior career history deemed to be crucial by other agencies. The Models Direct booking team only wants to know the essentials so they have the basics to work with, allowing them to make contact with the applicant and not wasting time poring through endless pages of material (our models also love our application process, and often report back to us how easy it is!)  

Our booking team is one of the main reasons why Models Direct has been at the top of our game since 1990. At the time of writing, that’s nearly 32 years of placing the best models in some of the most inspiring commercial modelling jobs in the industry. Perhaps the best thing for models to know is that our booking team is proactive – that is, they enthusiastically seek out the most suitable jobs for our models, depending on our client’s requirements. Though we’re not the only modelling agency to put a lot of pride and effort into our searches, there are some out there who demand money from their models for the privilege of keeping their photos on file and doing very little else. Yep – it’s sad, but true! 

Our booking team have their own individual desk telephone numbers and personal email address, which means both models and clients can get through to the right person quickly and efficiently. Personal touches go a long way to securing strong, credible relationships, and our team believes this is the right way to conduct business.  

We’ll happily talk to our models to discuss their thoughts on each assignment. After all, it’s the model’s choice to accept a job. We can pay travel expenses and offer the same work opportunities for each age group, although sometimes an assignment isn’t as convenient for some models. That’s okay, though, as there’s no pressure to commit to an assignment, and turning down a job won’t hinder future opportunities. This is another example of fairness here at Models Direct, and we know that by remaining impartial and considerate we continue to develop our rapport with everyone involved.

Our booking team also verifies new clients to protect our model’s safety, and asks for client’s money in advance – so there’s no delay in paying our talented models!  

Securing assignments takes professionalism, industry knowledge and a special connection between booking team and talented models. We’re always available for a chat and welcome enquiries from anyone wishing to know more about the commercial modelling world. Who’s to say that your first contact with our booking team won’t be your first step on the modelling ladder?