Key traits to modelling success

Success comes in many guises...

Success is also defined differently by different people. Ultimately, success is a good thing, and can sometimes take a great deal longer to achieve than first thought.

The word is best described as the completion or accomplishment of an aim or purpose. By this definition, everyone performs “mini successes” every day, no matter how trivial they might appear.

Let’s highlight a minor success – something that will ring true to many. If you have to wake up early in the morning for a particular reason, and you’re well known for sleeping in (damn that alarm clock!), it’d be a success if you do, in fact, awake from your slumber at that time. Job done! That’s a success.

Even crossing a road is a success if you achieve this without injury! If you think about it, the objective of crossing a road is to get from point A to point B without incident. There you go – another minor success!

How can you achieve success as a model? We’re not talking about methods by which an individual may taste success on international catwalks or have their name in lights in Leicester Square. One day, that might be the case. One day…

But for now, let’s concentrate on commercial models that can obtain well-paid jobs for numerous companies courtesy of established modelling agenciesModels Direct being a prime example, of course.

To succeed in the commercial modelling industry requires certain qualities. Some can be leant, some are instinctive – or at least need particular attributes.

The two important factors for commercial modelling success is determination and commitment.

Success in many walks of life is the result of not giving up and believing in one’s self. Everyone has at least one “knock back”, and it’s the tenacity of that person that usually determines ultimate success. The ability to “come back stronger” has seen many people achieve local, national and – it’s true! – global recognition as being at the top of their game. Would they’d have gotten there if they’d given up at the first hurdle? Of course not. Sure, luck plays a part in success, although sheer willpower always trumps fate. It’s the same with models! Be determined, always with the final goal in mind.

Knowledge and research plays a large part as well, because they can only add to an individual’s acumen – no matter what industry is being discussed. As a model, researching clients and locations is a large cog in the wheel of success. In this modern world, there’s no excuse not to be clued-up for assignments. Often, knowledge can be a game-changer!

An experienced model doesn’t stop learning. If you have numerous assignments under your belt, that’s fantastic. But never take anything for granted, and continue the desire to keep learning. Respect all contacts, because they are professionals and contacts are always useful.

If you are inexperienced and yearn to be a part of our wonderful industry, apply with us and we’ll see what you can offer. We don’t require our models to have had any prior experience; we love placing suitable people in great assignments, so if they’ve had zero experience, don’t let that put you off!

Oh, and who can forget confidence? No one likes arrogance. But there’s a difference between that and self-belief. Why would someone apply for a modelling position if they didn’t think they’d excel? Read more on confidence by clicking on the link:

To be successful as a model, you need to achieve your aims. If your aim is to work on one or two assignments, that’s great. However, you still need the determination to fulfil your goal, and the confidence to and knowledge to achieve it.

Thinking of more regular modelling assignments? Brilliant – but you still need the resolve and grit to succeed. We’re the leading modelling agency in the UK and we’re always on the lookout for new talent – but that doesn’t mean modelling work comes easily to every model.

Experience is great, but not essential. Determination is paramount. Confidence (not arrogance) goes a long way. Stick to these principles, and modelling could be a massive success for you!