Commercial Teen Models

Oh, to be a teenager again!

The energy and expectancy during these glorious years should be cherished. Teens are more mature for their age than ever, and parents should be encouraged with their children’s aspirations. The world is their oyster, for sure.

For obvious reasons, parents and guardians are the best judges of what their children can accomplish (other than the teenagers themselves, of course). First and foremost, parents want their children to be happy and safe. Successes and achievements will fit in nicely as long as a teens’ wellbeing is realised.

Commercial modelling is a very realistic opportunity for teens for a variety of reasons. It could lead to something else; it may not. After being in the industry for over 30 years, we’ve risen to become the UK’s no.1 modelling agency, so we’re fully aware that the hundreds of “live” modelling assignments for teens might have a number of long-term outcomes. What we can confidently say is that signing up with us is the best way to get talented teens seen by some of the biggest names out there – again, we should know, because these household names are our clients! And – if you didn’t already know – teenagers are always desirable in commercial modelling jobs. In fact, they are one of the most requested models by our clients. Click on the link below for more information:

If parents think their teenage children have what it takes to become one of our commercial models, here is a brief “tick off” list of criteria. If you can put a nice, big green tick against all of these, then the next step is really quite simple: contact us via our application form, and our experienced booking team will take it from there. So, onto the list:

Is your teen child:

·       Enthusiastic?

·       Pretty flexible around school days / holidays?

·       Keen to earn decent money?

·       Presentable and punctual?

·       Wishing to get involved in working with professionals in a safe environment?

·       Willing to travel with you?

If there are six ticks next to these points, we’d love to hear from them!

When teens sign up with Models Direct, both parents and themselves can expect certain prerequisites from us – and our clients. Through our experience and knowledge, we have a few “tick lists” ourselves. These include:

We’ll do our very best to put forward the right teen models to our clients (and we have lots of them!)

We understand that not every assignment is right for everyone. When you decline a modelling job, we simply work harder to find one that is right! You – and your child – have the right to accept or decline any assignment – no ifs, no buts.

We always pay our wonderful models within five working days. The reasons are three-fold:

  1. We collect fees from our client before the assignment.

  2. We adhere to statutory modelling regulations.

  3. We respect all our models.

There is no pressure on our models – especially our child models. We want them to be safe and happy – like all parents. But we ask teens and parents to ask themselves what they want to achieve. It could be that just one modelling job during the summer is enough to break up the routine – great! It could be that teen models wish to break into the industry with real aspirations of a career. This is achievable when signing up with a reputable agency, but all parties should be pragmatic. Long-term success is in your hands, but it almost certainly won’t happen overnight. Alternatively, teens could just want some spare cash doing something enjoyable – and be the envy of all their friends. Brilliant! If that’s the case, go for it!

If you’re a teen, we’re jealous! You have the world at your feet, so do what makes you happy. Modelling is ideal for all kinds of teens looking for something a little bit different, and the feedback from all our teens so far demonstrates that modelling makes them happy – and a little richer!

To end this blog, a few of these pointers will give teens some encouragement to enter the wonderful world of commercial modelling:

·       Listen to your parents (sorry!)

·       Choose which modelling jobs you think you’d enjoy the most.

·       Be happy in everything you do, as being happy brings about confidence, relaxation and success.

·       Don’t give up if you don’t get offered a modelling assignment straight away.

·       Please read our brief and straightforward guidelines before applying – it’ll be valuable in the long run.

For a little more insight into teen modelling – and how to apply with us – have a peek at the below link:

If under 18 years of age, we ask that a parent or guardian fills out the application form on behalf of the teenager. Thank you, and good luck!