Gain the Upper Hand with Hand Modelling

Hands are always a focal point to adore – be it with the gorgeous nail art we’ve been focusing on lately, adorning them with gorgeous jewellery or adding some permanent designs with tattooed personalised messages or non-permanent designs with transfers or henna patterns. They can look pretty, powerful and enchanting.

Celebrating our hands

For a more practical outlook, our hands tend to bash at our keyboards, answer calls, post messages on social media or carry out more mundane tasks like washing the dishes, taking the bags out and doing the ironing! Well, we think you catch our drift now.

Our hands are responsible for millions of jobs and this blog, unfortunately, won’t be able to cover all the miraculous things they do for us. Whether we realise it or not, the wondrous gifts we have to help us do so many tasks should be celebrated! Well… they definitely are in the modelling world. Here’s how!

Hand-fuelled marketing

Now, you see, when you see a pair of hands in a TV ad, in print or on a digital platform (particularly being showcased in the beauty industry) pause for a moment and contemplate. Those beautiful hands that you see applying eyeliner, creating loose curls or applying cream, didn’t happen to be there by chance. Nuh-uh! They didn’t appear out of nowhere and without purpose. There’s a reason why you’ve seen them and why that particular pair were featured.

Models Direct will explain: their owner is a hand model. Their hands picture well, in images and film – it’s that simple! We usually tend to see them being showcased in the beauty industry, as hinted earlier, but we’re also seeing them unboxing goodies and wowing us with the latest product reveals on social too. The scale of their demand is high and potential exposure is huge so you can imagine how much attention this modelling division is getting.

A handy thought

If you’re a proud owner of gorgeous, slender, blemish-free, well cared for hands, take a few snaps because you might be destined for hand modelling stardom. (If you’re in doubt, please do contact our dream team. We’ll discuss any queries you may have before applying).

In the meantime, set up a manageable routine to take care of your hands by following some simple steps:

· Wear gloves when washing up, or using any chemicals that may come into contact with your hands.

· Cover them up when gardening or cooking with skin dying ingredients such as turmeric or food colouring.

· Moisturise them regularly, paying attention after hand washing and before going to bed, with nourishing hand cream.

· Wear sunscreen (even in these colder months) when going outside. Skin is thin so susceptible to ageing, skin spots and pigmentation due to the sun’s rays so layer up with a high SPF of 50+.

· For nail biters, try and quit the habit to maintain healthy nails and skin. Nail-biting solutions are available to help.

Next up, begin building a portfolio of your hands from different angles, holding different objects, in front (or behind) different backgrounds and settings. If you’re lost for ideas, our Models Direct team can help inspire you with recommendations.

After you’ve done this, simply jump on your phone or laptop, and get your hands working by filling in our modelling application form. Upload a few images so that our team can see your hands and we’ll take it from there. Remember: it’s all in your hands! We’re looking forward to greeting your hands and welcoming them to this busy modelling category.