Family Modelling

It’s nearly the holiday season in the UK, so many families will be looking forward to spending some quality time in each other’s company…

But, wait! Before you start making bookings online and scrambling to find your passports (as well as checking, double checking and thrice checking your Covid passes), there’s another activity that families may not have considered.

We’re talking about modelling, of course, and it’s much more of a viable family activity than you’d think. We know this, because handfuls of families have already appeared in assignments throughout the country, displaying their communal skills in front of cameras for our forward-thinking clients. When it comes to modelling as an entire family, it’s not so much of a hopeful dream – more a genuine opportunity that is sure to engage the whole family, whilst picking up a very nice pay cheque at the end of the enjoyable assignment. Doesn’t sound too shabby, does it?

We’ve plenty of real openings for families. There’s also plenty of time to get noticed this year, as the spring / summer seasons are very valuable for our clients. Recently, we’ve placed fun-loving families as far afield as the south of France for some of the best commercial modelling jobs available. The key factor clients crave for is an authentic, close-knit family – that is, parents and siblings who benefit from being together and having the confidence to shine in a professional environment.

Come on, families, you can do it!

There really are several plus points that families should be aware of. Think about the following:

1. Lockdowns have imposed restrictions on us all, and families have spent more time together than perhaps they’d normally do. With greater flexibility now, families should be longing for exciting new locations and fresh experiences – and that’s precisely what family commercial modelling offers!

2. Not worked before as a model? No problem! Successful modelling families often had zero experience, and there’s certainly no prerequisite for modelling experience. All that’s needed is the passion, drive and solidarity as a devoted family. Trust us – your compassion will be obvious to us, and our clients.

3. If you’ve clicked on the above link, you’ll realise that the application process is about as straightforward as they come. This is because we initially only require a few personal details and a couple of clear photos. Our booking team will then put their years’ of know-how into finding the right modelling assignments with the right clients.

4. Family modelling pays well!

5. Crucially, family modelling is one of the most desirable genres, as dictated by requests by our clients. Demand is increasing every month, so this year is the ideal time to realise your family’s potential and earn some money whilst in each other’s company.

Just think of the memories modelling as a family will create! We look forward to receiving applications from fun-loving families in what is likely to be an exceptional year for the industry!