What exactly is a commercial model?

Aspiring models can often be confused in exactly what a commercial model is and what requirements a commercial modelling agency will be looking for  – Models Direct are a commercial modelling agency and explain what their dedicated team are looking for on a daily basis.

To work as a commercial model you will need an agency to represent you, a good, established agency will be able to promote you to suitable clients for your look and skill set, this is virtually impossible to do without an agency, especially in the early days of your career. Make sure you get to know your agent, spend time chatting with them and telling them lots about yourself, your talents and what you are hoping to achieve, it makes it easier for your agent to match you quicker with the ideal client for you. At Models Direct our team of coordinators and bookers are on the phones all day talking to models and clients, building a rapport and getting a better idea of the type of assignments and clients what would be ideal for them.

Unlike fashion models, commercial models are not solely judged on looks and measurements. These requirements are much more important for a fashion model agent, models are booked and selected simply on their striking looks and whether they have the right measurements for the brand, this is not the case in the commercial modelling industry. Models Directs agents are looking for good looking ‘everyday people’ who have additional talents too. They are looking for people who have confidence and are versatile, showing your personality in your photographs is very important, so don’t be afraid of being creative with your pictures. Professional images are not necessary as they date and are expensive, this might be something you consider getting once you have a more established modelling career, but at the beginning well lit, clear and creative images are much better. Don’t hold back, create pictures that show how versatile your look can be and that you can fulfil different roles – you will then appeal to a wider circle of clients.

As a commercial model it is very useful if you have some acting experience, it could be a very limited amount or something you do a lot, either way any kind of acting experience will be a big benefit to you when being selected for assignments. Commercial models are employed to advertise products, these could be household products, sports equipment, travel destinations, food and drink products, cars, etc, so essentially you will be asked to play a character or role, whether it be for stills or filming, having acting experience is a huge help to you.

One of the main questions at Models Direct is “How much can i expect to earn?”, obviously this is a very important factor. The answer is that model fee’s can vary a lot from one assignment to another, there are several different factors that an effect your fee. If you are selected for work through Models Direct, our agents will always let you know the fee before you decide whether or not you’d like to accept the assignment, it’s very important. Models can expect and average rate of approx £200 – £400 for a shoot, this is just a guide, it varies hugely. Client budget, content usage, model experience are all varying factors to what a model can expect to earn. Models Direct always pay their models very quickly after an assignment, so you are never waiting months for payment.

Model agents can’t stress enough how important it is that your pictures are the best they can be, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through, it’s a competitive market and you need to make yourself stand out above the rest. An agent can get you infant of prospective clients, however they don’t have the power to make them choose you for the assignment, so make sure you’ve given yourself the best possible shot!!

If you have ANY questions about your portfolio, or any other aspect of your modelling career please do get in touch!

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