Teen Model

There’s a lot going on in a teen’s life – exams, networking with others, having an active social life, perhaps even managing a job, coupled with the emotional rollercoaster of having to deal with all of these life experiences and navigating through these tricky years! So, yeah, there’s a lot going on and credit where it’s due especially when teenagers have to multitask, learn about themselves, understand their goals, their vision, and their aspirations through their youth.

Despite all these challenges, youngsters are resilient and can be very focused and driven to succeed. Teen modelling can be an additional skill, not to mention a career that they can add to their flourishing CV, helping them to develop their interpersonal skills and earn money.

Models Direct are glad you’re on this page because we’ll take you through the most frequently asked questions our team are presented with by teens and adults alike revolving around this sought-after modelling niche – teen modelling.

Can you be a model at 14?

Absolutely! Modelling is for all ages. Brands and companies utilise marketing and advertising campaigns to help boost their reach and sales, and as part of this package comes a story to tell which can include models of a targeted age group. Models Direct represent all the age groups within this industry and the teen section is always a popular market to target. Teen modelling encompasses the 13-18 age bracket.

How tall do you have to be to be a 14 year old model?

When you think of this profession, you usually think of all the tight criteria that a model would have to adhere to with height being at the top of the list. As a rule of thumb with modelling agencies, a teen would need to lie between 5’6” to 6’0” however, meeting these requirements isn’t always possible. Should that mean you won’t have a chance to even attempt this exciting career? Well, no. Models Direct welcome models of all heights, despite the industry’s requirements. We break the modelling barriers so that everyone can have a fair chance of trying out this profession, and hopefully staying on as a model.

Can you be a model at the age of 15?

Definitely! If you’re within the 13 to 18 age range, then you can enter this modelling division with the help of a diverse and inclusive agency like Models Direct. If any of our clients is on the lookout for a model your age, we’ll put you forward for the job.

How can I be a model at the age of 16?

A sweet sixteen celebration (whether you’re a girl, boy or non-binary) doesn’t just mean you’ve accomplished a major milestone in your teenhood. It can also mean that you’re ready to kick-start new hobbies and develop new passions. And yes, you know what we’re going to write – try out being a model. Our ethos is to embrace, welcome everyone to our modelling agency (and hopefully continue with this great career that’ll have you earning extra cash). Whether your sixteen or sixty, there’s a place for you in this bustling industry.

Extra tip

What a teen model needs to have is a can-do attitude, self-confidence, be punctual, be polite, exude positive energy, open for feedback.

There you have it! We hope that we’ve answered your FAQs and made it loud and clear that you have to join our agency. For further information, please contact our modelling team today.