What to expect when modelling and filming outside

With COVID-19 safety regulations in place with all our modelling assignments, our clients have been ensuring that our talent is kept safe following in line with social distancing measures.

We have greeted so many changes, from the way we work through to how we live our daily lives. As a result of the changes, our models are mainly working in the great outdoors and taking part in fantastic projects. 

However, we know that working in an outdoor setting isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Not because we have to adhere to all the new rulings – face masks, 2 metres distancing, washing hands regularly, applying hand sanitiser, promoting good ventilation and immediately binning used tissues – but because of the unpredictability outside can bring.

Models Direct takes you through a few factors that can affect an outdoor photoshoot or filming just to give our new and existing models a heads up if they are called for an outdoor project. Here’s what to expect:

Time Delays

Schedules and timetables don’t always run to plan especially on practical projects. Even waiting for other models to show up on time can cause delays so ensure that you aren’t one of the reasons the project doesn’t run to plan! Other factors such as lighting, the weather, traffic and noise can all cause some type of time-lapse. Being patient, on standby for sudden timetable changes or reschedules (and even punctual!) is key. Outdoor projects can bring an element of unpredictability but that’s what makes modelling such an exciting and enticing profession! Why should life be monotonous and bland? Modelling could be your next big career move for 2021! 

Unpredictable Weather 

Come rain or shine, checking the weather forecast is essential whenever planning anything in the great outdoors. Modelling assignments are planned and scripted to a tee by the production company, and what the weather permits are taken into consideration. If you’ve been chosen for a spring/summer shoot, get ready to wear apparel accordingly much the same for autumn/winter productions. Our clients will let you know if you need to wear your own clothes (which colour schemes, print and clothing type) or if they’ll be providing you with a selected wardrobe.

Troublesome Traffic 

Another factor is traffic. Our clients sometimes want shoots or filming to take place in the hustle and bustle of busy city streets, on public transport or in quieter, less active areas. Wherever you are placed for the job, expect it to be busy where you may need to stop and start filming or camera work. Also, expect there to be a lot of onlookers and spectators at points who will be eager to see what’s happening. If you’re feeling anxious or self-conscious our clients and their teams are great at helping our models feel confident and giving them a confidence boost. 

Nuisance Noise

Engines revving, ringing bicycle bells, dogs barking and of course, your mobile phone’s notification sound are just a few of the noises you’d expect when you’re outside. Be prepared for some sounds to be included in filming and some to be omitted which means waiting for the sound levels to ease or working through a busy photoshoot ignoring the external noises. Either way, noise can be a nuisance or helpful – just be prepared for lights, camera, action and loud sounds too!

Even though it can be unpredictable and stressful to work outdoors on photoshoots and filming, it can equally be exciting and spontaneous. Our models are always briefed before assignments and taken through the general structure of what their day or even week could look like. Some things are out of one’s hands, like the factors mentioned above, but if you go with the flow and are patient, it will become a memorable experience for all the right reasons.

If this sounds right up your street and you haven’t applied to our agency before, do get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you and get your modelling career kick-started with outdoor jobs. Check out our Instagram pages to see what our models have been getting up to.