Baby Model

Have you got a bambino you’ve welcomed into the world? Babies are incredible treasures to families that change the world forever. Your vision as a parent, guardian or family friend may mean you’re already planning on all the wonderful things you’ll do with them at every stage of both your lives. Your hopes and dreams are with them, investing in your time together as a new or growing family. With everyone cooing over how cute your newborn is, you’re probably taking lots of snaps of their every moment. You’re building a beautiful journey of their life and posting to your socials to share their milestones with others. Smiling, sleeping, crying, whatever the emotion or action is, your phone is on standby at all times.

As part of all the things you’re dreaming of doing together, as before they reach childhood, have you ever thought about baby modelling? This might not be on your mini men’s bucket list, but it should be! It’s something you can make a start on right now and Models Direct have a collection of frequently asked questions around this modelling niche to give you a lowdown on what it’s all about. Let’s go, baby!

How much do baby models get?

As in money? (We just to double check in case it was milk or sleepy time!) Well, that’s a good question! Modelling rates vary from project to project, but Models Direct have negotiated excellent rates for our babies ranging from under £100 to over £1000. We step in for our models so rates are very familiar to us and they are a desirable aspect of this out-of-the-box career.

baby model on recent photoshoot

How do I get into baby modelling?

Join us! Models Direct are a 30-year running reputable agency which prides itself on connecting models of all niches to prestigious companies. Use our services to represent your tiny tot for modelling work. We push our baby division forward whenever a job pops us that calls for their look.

Do you have to pay for your baby to be a model?

No and yes. No fees towards registering your baby with our agency but yes to helping with the admin costs. This charge entails putting models forward for work that suits their looks, and this can happen often which helps strengthen model’s portfolios for future work.

How old does a baby have to be to model?

From being a newborn up to the age of two. Your baby can be modelling from the onset so here’s to a brilliant ride taking snaps of your sweetheart.

People also ask:

How much do babies get paid to model?

Please scroll up to our first question. The answer to this one lies right in there too!

What makes a good baby model?

All babies are great for modelling but those with a calm nature and accustomed to noise might fair better on projects that have long schedules and placed in an out of the area location. Interestingly, some clients might request for different moods and emotions dependent on their marketing vision so if your baby does cry, it might be the building blocks of their campaign dream. Baby modelling can also extend to mama modelling too which you check read all about right here!

As a takeaway message, many people will tell you how quickly time whizzes past, and it’s true – it really does. Before you know it, your bundle of joy will be walking and talking and quickly moving onto different stages of their childhood. So why not capture this moment that you have right now. Take a deep dive for something unusual and quirky, and something you’ll definitely want to talk about when they’re older? Yup, you got it! Baby modelling!!!