‘Trendy Tots’ this season

We always have our eyes peeled for the latest fashion trends being forecasted…

It’s nice to be in the know and see what’s set to dominate online and offline in the fashion world and this time Models Direct will be looking into children’s trends. Children aged under 16 make up a large amount of the population – 12.7 million* in 2019 in fact – so it’s likely you’re a parent, guardian or someone who knows a child.

So, as the weather is beginning to warm up, let’s get the children summer ready with summer brights and British summer trends for 2021.


This popular print has made a comeback with teens and adults this year so it’s no surprise we’ve been seeing it filtering through children’s fashion too. Versatile, summery and not to forget colourful of course, tie-dye has shown that isn’t going anywhere this summer. Tops, t-shirts, shorts, dresses, you name it, tie-dye isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Tropical prints

Aside from the typical floral and summer fruit prints we see during the warm season, tropical prints are also the latest we’ve seen in children’s fashion. Vibrant and bold, tropical prints make you feel like you’ve stepped onto a hot beach in the Bahamas! What’s not to love about this tropical statement?

Colour block patterns

If you’ve not come across colour blocking before, you will this year. This abstract look is popping up in plenty of children’s apparel. Colour blocking is where two, three or four totally different colours together make a bold statement. Abstract and playful this pattern is contemporary and eye-catching.

Camouflage prints

This neutral print sums up children’s innate characteristics – active and adventurous! A classic print that is making summer more fun and reminding us of the great outdoors. We’re seeing this trend pop up in sibling outfits which makes it a great matching print for children who love to move about!

Evolving looks

Each season brings its delightful array of great looks and with a splash of contemporary pizzazz and uniqueness. Some trends are a blast from the past with a modern twist, making some of us smile who remember the looks when we were younger ourselves.

Child modelling

If you have a child or are related to or know one, you might be thinking that they would make a great child model – and they most certainly would! Our modelling agency, Models Direct, has established a strong presence in the modelling industry. We say what we mean and are all about helping our models connect with our prestigious clients.

Even though we cannot guarantee work and never mislead our models into thinking they’ll be selected for every assignment that comes to our table, we certainly try our best to push our models forward whenever their look is requested. Ultimately the decision lies in the hands of our clients. But what we do guarantee is that we will negotiate the best modelling fee and deliver the best and safest experience. 

After the assignment has been completed, within 5 working days our models receive their payment, and in the case of our child models, naturally, their parents or guardian will be the recipient. Our process is straightforward and each of our talented models is assigned to one of our dedicated team members who will take care of their modelling journey at every touchpoint. They’ll only be a phone call or email away bringing our models closer to what is happening within the world of modelling and how their profile is being handled. And there you have it! Apply to Models Direct today to kick-start your little ones modelling journey!

*Population estimates for the UK, England and Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland: mid-2019. Available from: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/populationandmigration/populationestimates/bulletins/annualmidyearpopulationestimates/mid2019estimates