How Does The Booking Process Work with Models Direct?

For anyone new to the world of modelling, you might be wondering how the booking process works with Models Direct’s assignments. We’ll give you the lowdown right here so you know how we get the ball rolling for our models and get them paid assignments. Let’s begin!

A little intro to our team

For those who are not familiar with us and our work, we have a dedicated assignments team who work actively to source new modelling opportunities and connect our models with our reputable clients – click here to check out ourextensive client list.

Clients approach us with their brief

We start our bookings process when our clients approach us looking for a model – whether that’s a baby, family or animal. Our talent and model coordinators work through each brief rigorously as our clients state their requirements.

Selecting models according to the brief

We then move on to collaborating and selecting all our models within our database who best match their needs. Our searches are thorough and we try our utmost based on the brief to get give our talent the modelling opportunities they deserve.

Presenting our models’ ePortfolio

We then move forward by presenting our models’ ePortfolio to our clients. This is where having current photos becomes so imoprtant and we reiterate this point to all our models – clients want to see your look as it is now, not your previous dated look which you might have been sporting a few years back.

Clients select their model

Once our clients have seen our selection of models, they make the final decision of who they would like to book for their campaign. Sometimes, however, it can be tricky to gauge who will be the best person (or people) for the shoot by just looking through the ePortfolios, so the selected models may then be shortlisted in for a live audition/casting. Here, clients make their final selection, once that has been established our coordinators then begin the process of turning the assignment into reality!

We get the show on the road

This is where the fun really begins! We have the privilege of sharing the exciting news with our selected model so we give them a call and surprise them. We love hearing unexpected gobsmacked responses and sheer joy – it makes all the hard graft worth it.

Our coordinator then explains the entire schedule for the assignment – from start to finish taking the stress out of our model’s hands. This means fees will be discussed and if our model is happy with what they’ll be paid, we will go on to further discuss the client’s background, travel, refreshments, apparel, project timescale, aims and objectives.

And that’s it… that’s how our assignments process works and it does work! For us, our models and our clients – it has been for the past 30 years and we hope it continues.

Our vision

Our bookings for campaigns continue to work better for our models than sourcing assignments themselves. We negotiate fees, secure payment, verify the safety of the client, walk our models through everything they should know about their day and ensure that we are only a phone call or email away should they have any questions. We follow-up our models’ assignments with a ‘happiness check’ to make sure they were satisfied

What we offer

We offer more than just a showcase of photo reels which plenty of other “agencies” do. Showcase agencies will showcase their models online without actively looking for modelling opportunities for them. This can be quite misleading as they can give the illusion that their models are high in demand. But the problem is, how can they be if their “agency” isn’t actively looking for work for them? Worse still, these modelling agencies are dishonest as they hide their services in small print – may be in hope that no one will read them! Most take snaps (and charge a hefty price tag to make matters worse) and leave it at that. Essentially it is down to models and entertainers to do their own background research and decipher which talent agency will represent them best and help them find work. 

Models Direct don’t conjure make-believe assignments full of unrealistic earnings from thin air. We have standards to adhere to and we follow them through, every time. We extended our market and branched off into the entertainment industry because we know just how competitive it is and how real everyday people should have the capability of being introduced to their market with a strong agency backing them.