Bright colours for winter modelling shots

Come on models and would-be models, have a little fun!

Let’s dig out some stunning colours then take some incredible new modelling photos that will really stand out.

Winter can be a great time to really make the most of bold shades and to take some gorgeous, clear images that will have you glowing out at us and our clients when we look at them.

The bleak backdrop of outdoor spaces and the cool light of winter will make strong colours really pop out and if you them choose carefully to match your own skin and hair tone, then they can look absolutely fabulous!

You don’t have to go too heavy with the colour – just an accent here or there can really make an incredible difference.

Try icy blue, scarlet red and tangerine orange, for example….

Or tones like sunshine yellow and viva magenta – all of these colours are bang on trend this season and just perfect for winter.

Hold them up next to your face and your hair to make sure they don’t bleach you out or clash with your own colouring, and, if they look great, think about teasing them out further with a touch of lipstick or dab of eye shadow.

Strong colours look especially amazing in winter outerwear, which means you don’t have to spend a fortune if you don’t have something already.

Think woolly hat, soft scarf or even just gloves or leg warmers – all teamed up with other of your existing garments in gentle, neutral tones or even black.

Some of these shades will also work well with the more traditional, earthy tones of autumn.

And to keep well within budget if you want something new, why not rummage about in charity and second-hand shops or click through vintage websites and apps?

You are sure to pick up a bargain or two.

Then follow our suggestions for taking and uploading your new photos and either update your e-portfolio if you are an existing model or – if you are considering joining us – send us one of the pictures along with your form.

We love to see our models having fun with their photography and using deep colours in the winter months is a great way to do so!