How often should I update my child’s photos? Our top five suggestions…

This is a question we at Models Direct are often asked by mums and dads with child models.

And we are always pleased to be asked because there are many differences in what is required in updating a child’s e-portfolio compared to an adult’s.

This is, of course, because little ones grow and change so much that we need to be sure that we are seeing and showing our clients the most up-to-date photographs and measurements.

We need to be 100 per cent certain that the child we are sending along to the assignment still looks as they did in the pictures our client looked at when they chose them.

So how often should a parent update their child’s photos and what can we do to help remind them?

Well here are five of our top suggestions….

1 Create diary reminders

We suggest updating pictures every three months or so (possibly even more often with babies!) so why not get your diary or e-calendar open and add in a few reminders?

2 Go with the seasons

The changing of the seasons can not only be a great reminder to take a new set of photos but is also a perfect opportunity to put your junior model in a whole new array of clothes. They will look simply gorgeous when you snap them in their winter woollies, summer florals, spring greens and yellows and deep autumn shades!

3 When they have a haircut

A new haircut or hairstyle (perhaps your little one has decided to let their locks grow long) is also a fabulous opportunity for getting the camera out and taking new pictures. If you book them in for a haircut, remember to write a reminder in your diary to snap some shots afterwards too! Your little one will love to pose with his or her new look!

4 Birthdays, Christmases and special occasions

If you are taking pictures anyway because it is a special occasion you wish to remember, then why not try to take one or two that are framed, posed, shot and saved as we like to see them? After all, you have your camera or phone out anyway!

5. Days out and holidays

Again, these are always super opportunities for taking family photos, so why not think about grabbing some new modelling shots too? You will get some beautiful, new backgrounds and your youngster is sure to be having an amazing time, so it might be just the moment to capture his or her smiling face!

Joyce Bofenda is one of our mums who registered her son with us. This is what she had to say about Models Direct:

“I registered my son Jeremiah with Models Direct in April 2023, his profile went live in May 2023 and his first photoshoot yesterday was an amazing experience.

“The booking process was seamless which is brilliant. We had every information we required for the shoot delivered to us in a timely manner.

“The client, the photographer and the whole team were fabulous and kind,” she wrote.

“I highly recommend Models Direct to anyone seeking excellent services in the modelling and acting industry.”

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