How do I get paid from a booking?

The jobs where employees get paid within 5 days since completion of their work are in the minority.    

We know that happy models make successful models. That means keeping them informed with any last-minute changes to their bookings (which is rare), and making sure they’re prepared with everything they need before and during their assignments. We also read and respond to all their reviews, and take pride in learning about their enjoyable experiences after their modelling work. Without happy models, we wouldn’t be at the forefront of the commercial modelling industry.

Whilst some models don’t accept work purely for money, it’s equally important to pay all our models fairly and promptly. It’s irrelevant whether the work is a part-time hobby for some, or whether they want to be put forward for as much work as possible to gain more experience on the rungs on the modelling ladder. Either way, every model gets paid within 5 working days from completion of their assignment.

Why don’t we issue payment at the end of the month? It’s quite simple, and the process has worked for over 30 years. We ask for payment by our clients before the assignment takes place. We take this “advance” so we can guarantee quick payment to our models. By obtaining our client’s payment, in effect we have already secured a model’s fee before a model has started their assignment. Then, all it takes is for us to pay a model swiftly for the great work they’ve done. There are no obstacles, and no chasing clients. It’s a fool-proof system that suits us, our models and our clients.

Our portfolio of models – from toddlers to mature individuals and pets – is vast, and our client list represents multinational corporations and smaller enterprises. We treat all models and all clients similarly. It would be unfair to deny a model our promised payment just because paperwork got lost in a company’s office, or if a smaller client couldn’t afford payment until they got paid by a customer. An up-front payment eliminates any inconveniences or embarrassment.  

We’ve all heard horror stories of photographers and agencies promising payment, only to dupe models by refusing to pay – probably because they never had a model’s fee in the first instance. We’ve been fighting this for years.

It’s our responsibility to pay models on time, and to obtain the best fees going. Clients know we can provide the models they need from all over the UK. They trust us to help their campaigns by recommending real people with the talent to make their marketing campaigns appeal to the right audience. It’s one of the reasons why they appreciate prior payment is necessary.

Our models look forward to working with us, as we do giving them their fees. As an industry leader, we wouldn’t have it any other way.