A typical day in the life of a working model

Modelling is a dynamic and interesting profession which boasts a plethora of opportunities and flexibility. No two days are the same and the nature of each modelling assignment can vary greatly adding to the experience and skills gained as a modelling talent.

But what does a usual day look like for a model? Models Direct gives you an insight if you’re looking to become a model or are new to the industry. Keep scrolling to find out more…

The beginnings

You’ve signed yourself up with a reputable modelling agency like Models Direct and new and exciting modelling opportunities are offered. The key is to remember to be patient. Jobs will come and go, that’s the nature of the profession but you’ll know you’ve smashed it once a client confirms that they want you for a job! As soon as you’ve decided whether you’re up for the new experience, we’ll fill you in on the finer details – date, time and location. Once booked, you’ll be set to go.

Getting a good night’s sleep

Being a model means being on the go and getting a good night’s sleep. Typically, our models aim to get rest so that they are recharged and refreshed for the day ahead to meet the demands of their assignments. Being an early riser helps to ready the body for the lights, camera and action. (And if you’re not an early riser, be prepared to mask those tired eyes and pesky yawns.)

Waking up to a good skincare routine

Our models embrace a skincare routine to help them always be camera ready. Out of bed and diving into nourishing skincare products to start their day off is one step closer to living the life of a model. A clear and fresh-looking complexion will captivate the cameras. (If you aren’t skin-ready, grab some good skincare products as soon as.)

Eating a healthy breakfast

Next up, our models move onto fuelling their bodies with healthy, nutritious food at the beginning of the day. Start as you mean to go on, they say! Some models mix up fruits with yogurts whilst others enjoy their favourite cereals added with alternative milk. Bottom line: as tempting as it may be, don’t skip this morning meal. Powering the day with a healthy start will help a busy model gain stamina and retain energy.

Getting ready for the day

From clothes to makeup, through to footwear and that all-important modelling bag you will want by your side will bring the modelling lifestyle to life.

If you’re interested in what a model’s essential bag should include, the items are as follows:

  • Your face covering and hand sanitiser.
  • Must-have simple makeup and skincare such as concealer, lipstick, eyelash curler, mascara, wipes and a compact mirror.
  • A hairbrush to control any flyaways.
  • Antiperspirant to block sweaty on the go armpits.
  • Some snacks and a bottle of water.
  • Your portfolio to showcase your talent.

Studying the schedule

Models are briefed on their assignment so all areas of travel through to location are provided. Models are given a heads up about the client, the nature of the job, their expectations and what exactly their schedule will involve. However, and this is one point to bear in mind – schedules don’t always run to plan and assignments often run overtime. Our models are prepared for this eventuality and go with the flow. A model follows the schedule and can benefit by building professional relationships with their clients.

The takeaway

Modelling isn’t a nine-to-five profession. It’s fast-paced, flexible and each day brings something new to the entire experience.

In this Models Direct blog, we hope we have helped unravel what a typical day in the life of a model looks like.