I’d love to be a model – what do I do?

The simple answer is to join a reputable agency such as Models Direct – and let us take on all the hard work for you!

Yes, the whole point of being represented by an agency like ourselves is that we will take the weight on our shoulders when it comes to promoting you, seeking the kind of work you are looking for and negotiating the best fee for each assignment.

So where do you begin?

First, be very sure that modelling is for you.

Read the reviews on our website from other models and find out more about the kinds of assignments we send those who work with us on by reading our blogs.

Spend a little time thinking about whether you would enjoy this kind of part-time work.

If you think it could suit you, then read on…

Firstly, ask a friend or relative to take some good, sharp shots of you, then fill in our form and send us one.

If you already have professional photos, please feel free to upload one of those – but if not, then we are very happy with home snaps, as long as we can see you clearly.

One of our professional team members will then give you a call to explain all the ins and outs of working with us.

You can ask them any questions you like and they will do their best to help you.

They will explain that we never guarantee to be able to place any of our models in work because it is our clients, not us, who make the final choice for each booking.

Once you have joined us you will be asked to keep your e-portfolio up to date in order to give yourself the best chance of being selected for the kinds of jobs you would like to accept.

If you are chosen, we will call you to explain more about the assignment – and you can decide whether or not you would like to go along.

As a fully vetted, registered government employment agency, we adhere to all the necessary rules and regulations for placing models in work.

We also go that extra mile in investigating each and every assignment and new client and in supporting our models as the booking approaches.

And you only have read a handful of reviews from those who have worked with us to see just how far we go!

For example, Monique said:

“It was my first ever job and I was so excited – practiced in front of the mirror until I got to the venue. I was nervous, but as time progressed I got more confident.

“When I sat in front of the camera, I was so shy but the model who was there with me was talking to me which helped to overcome the anxiety.

“The Models Direct team was great – they assisted and directed me in preparation in front of the camera.

“Overall, the shoot went well and I can’t wait to do more jobs with Models Direct.”

Gary said:

“Initially I was nervous as this was going to be my first proper model assignment.

“I had received full information about the shoot and Gemma from Models Direct had called me a few days before to go through the itinerary which put me at ease. 

“The client was great they were very welcoming and made me comfortable.”

And Keith told us:

“This was my very first experience working with Models Direct and the whole experience was fabulous.

“From the initial booking enquiry to the shoot itself, I personally found the whole process flawless.

“Gemma kept me personally updated prior to the shoot of how the day would run, which I found very reassuring.

“The shoot day itself was fabulous – a great atmosphere and a great team carrying out the shoot.

“A bonus was also the wonderful people I met who were also on the shoot.

“As far as I’m concerned it’s a five from me, well done Models Direct!”