How Does a Ring Light Help My Photographs?

As an MD model, you have *full* control to glow up your portfolio, your way. You might have lit up some of your collection with the help of a ring light. Raise your ring if this is you! We’re talking about that ring of flattering light illuminating a clean, fresh, cutting-edge look on you. Sounds like a dream, right?!

Happy young smart bloggers filming new vlog video with smartphone, ring light and laptop at home, young people having fun and broadcasting their blog content

How you direct your images is in your hands – literally. As a modelling agency, our job is to support you by sending out reminders to continue compiling up-to-date images whilst posting blogs with seasonal suggestions to keep snaps current. (Check some of these out here).

If you’re a ring light fan, great stuff. Kids, mums, dads, aunties, uncles…you know who you are! However, we know some of our diverse models might not be so keen on the artificial stuff that leaves that circular catch light (we mean the halo-shaped reflection you see in people’s iris’).

It’s a bit like Marmite – you either love it or hate it. Orrrrr you’ve never noticed it in the first place! Whichever side of the fence you’re on with this, one thing for sure is, ring lights can gloss you up – something most models will want.

How do they help?

Ring lights are a great option for perfectly lit, intense and stunning portraits with just one simple light. They’ve become a major attraction in the content creation world, online meetings and no doubt, the modelling arena which is why we’re recommending them.

They’re a decent choice to invest in and best of all, they’re not expensive. You can easily pick up an inexpensive ring light along with a handy tripod and phone mount making it a convenient lighting solution to snap lit-up selfies. This is the goal for perfect portraits – easy to set up, portable, lightweight and easy to pack down.

Seriously. They. Are. Stellar.

But like with everything in life, what you put in is what you’ll get out. We mean, don’t just shoot through it. Experiment! The best results derive from being tried and tested, and it’s very much the same concept with a ring light.

Don’t be afraid to:

Adjust the distance it is facing from you

Use the light intensity settings, should it have any

Move it into the natural light whether this is in front of a window or outdoors to blend and balance natural vs artificial.

Overall, using a ring light for your photos is a great idea. You don’t need to be a lighting expert as it’s a great way to kick off your content with minimal fuss. That’s what most of us are after in our time-driven world, right? Something simple, quick, but effective. If you haven’t got one yet, our team recommends …two! Both can be purchased from Amazon, and we’ll give you a quick lowdown on each.

First recommended ring light:

KNAMKY USB LED Desk Lamp (Colour options: black/pink/silver)

Low budget option (£12 .99 – £15.99)

Powerful desk clip

Built-in 3 kinds of colour temperature: warm light (3000K), warm white light (4500K) and white light (6500K)


10 brightness levels

Flexible and portable

USB power supply

4.5 star reviews

Alternative option:

PEYOU 12″ Selfie Ring Light, 60″ Floor Tripod and Mini Tripod

Budget – currently on sale at £37.99 (original RRP: £45.99)

Tripod has 5 height levels

Phone holder and tablet clip

3 colours (white/yellow/warm yellow)

10 brightness levels


Bluetooth remote control

4.2 star reviews

We hope this helps! Enjoy. Have fun experimenting. You might wonder why you never got one sooner!

We’re looking forward to seeing your ePortfolio light up!