What our clients love to see when choosing between our models

At Models Direct, we have an incredible range of clients, from big name, high street brands and global companies to smaller, niche, individual outfits.

We have customers who have worked with us for decades and come to us time and time again when they need models.

And we have agencies and businesses who approach us for the first time looking for someone very specific but have perhaps never worked with a professional operation like ours before.

Whatever their requests, all our clients receive the same attention to detail and high quality customer service.

And no matter how different their requirements might be, we always do our utmost to go the full distance to ensure they are happy with the models we suggest and the service we provide.

So how does the process of choosing a model work?

Well, our clients give us their requirements, we search our books for just the right models to meet what they are looking for and then we give them a selection to choose from.

Our clients look very carefully at the e-portfolios of the models we have suggested and then they make the final choice.

And what do our clients love to see when they choose between models?

Firstly, they want to see good, clear, high-quality photographs.

They need to be able to see you – including your face – properly in all the pictures.

They don’t want to see filtered images, silhouettes or anything so creative and obscure that you do not stand out clearly in the image.

Our clients want all the pictures to be well lit, without any glare or other sun distortion.

They want to see photographs that reflect how versatile you are – different poses, different locations and different outfits.

If you have any previous modelling or acting experience, you must include these photographs or show reels.

And make sure you also tell us about any other relevant experience – dancing, gymnastics, sports, for example – and better still, upload some images of you engaging in these pastimes for our clients to see.

If we can keep our clients happy, then they will continue to come back to us for their models, in the same manner as they have for all these past years.

Now we just need you to play your part to ensure you have the best possible chance of being selected by them when they are looking for someone just like you.