Who are Our Clients?

What have BMW, Morrisons, the NHS, and Mulberry have in common? They’ve all worked with our Models Direct Agency!

At MD, our client list has expanded far and wide, across the length and breadth of the UK. We’ve had trendsetters and creative dreamers contact us, usually via our hire-a-model application, on a quest to search for models who can shape their campaigns. From advertising moguls to fashion wizards and everyone in between, our team has worked with top-notch clients who had the desire to bring their marketing ideas to life with the help of our talented pool of diverse models.

From emerging start-ups to humble industry giants, our dream team has helped launch successful projects where many have returned for our reliable and professional services. So, who have we specifically worked with over our thirty-year presence in the UK modelling industry? This reading will reveal all with some of our most recent clients. These are our top picks for this edition of Who Are Our Clients? Get ready, get set…enjoy!

Why it’s good to know who we’ve worked with

Firstly, why is it good to know who we’ve collaborated with? We’ll outline the reasons why here:

It provides a space to learn about our industry reputation, particularly through the feedback we receive from clients and models alike (which you’ll find out more about later on). Working with well-established clients also demonstrates that we deliver what they need, and how well we get the job done.

If you’re considering working with us, our client history can show you whether our ethos, mission, and goals align with yours. If they do, we’re good to go!

Our respectable record of clients illustrates the demand for our modelling services.

It builds industry connections and opportunities. Prospective collaborations with other clients and creative agencies are great for networking whilst learning who your competitors are gives you a potential market lead.

The Goodsyard

Based near Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter station, this was a recent shoot for the new neighbourhood regeneration project of apartment and must-have amenities with London’s creative marketing agency, Identity Design.

“Models Direct has provided a fulfilling modelling experience. Great for those seeking enjoyable assignments and a positive modelling environment. Highly recommended.”

Participating in “The Goodsyard Apartment & Amenities Shoot” with Identity Design was a fantastic experience. Collaborating with another talented model, we seamlessly showcased the accommodation and highlighted amenities. The production team provided excellent direction and support throughout the day. The wardrobe requirements were communicated in the detailed shoot brief, ensuring a smooth and well-prepared experience. They provided refreshments and kept energy levels up. Looking forward to future collaborations.”

– Male Model David Fadimu on his photoshoot (4th February)

Spacelabs Healthcare

Another company that recently approached us for a promotional shoot and filming on how to apply their ECG equipment was Spacelabs. They have over 60 years of experience in helping care teams across the globe, and how to deal with patients who are in critical, sub-acute and perioperative stages of their health journey. Our male model Gary was selected to step in for their marketing campaign in Hertford. We’ll fill you in once the finals have been completed. In the meantime, you can see Spacelabs Healthcare’s work here.

Say it With Diamonds

This gem of a company has come to us several times over the past few years to re-establish its strong connection with our team. Most recently, Zuri, her mum and grandmother were the modelling three-generation sensations booked for the jewellery company’s 2024 Mother’s Day campaign. Booked on 6th February, their work will be coming to a digital screen near you!

If you’re interested in reading more about our collaborations with other clients, please take a look at our booking blogs. For model reviews and client testimonials, they’re here – highlighted in blue! Or, if you want more – an extensive list of the people who we’ve worked with so far. Enjoy!