What kind of modelling work could I expect?

It’s a very good question, and one we expect you to ask us. Models should be inquisitive. It’s one of the reasons why we post FAQs and have a website link on modelling tips. Plus, we always encourage anyone (registered model or not) to contact us at Models Direct Head Office in Norwich.

We don’t expect part-time, debut or even full-time models to know everything about commercial modelling. That’s why our monthly blogs and social media pages are so important to keep everyone in loop with success stories, as well as the latest fashions and general news. Knowledge is power, that much is true!

The kind of modelling work we offer depends on each individual brief we receive from our clients. These brands are an eclectic mix of multinationals, charities, start-ups and government agencies. Companies need to evolve to move with the times, transcending previous marketing campaigns to keep an audience’s attention. The audience is most often customers if they are profit-orientated; if they’re not, then the general public is the target audience.

With the recent surge in interest in AI, you might be forgiven for thinking that most marketing has minimal human input. We can’t predict what will happen in years to come, but we can tell you that humans are a crucial factor in all the assignments we receive. It’s been that way for decades, and it’ll remain that way in our lifetime for sure. Whether it’s a basic photo shoot or a job requiring acting, human models remain the most effective way to reach target audiences.

We offer varied assignments on behalf of our clients. Every client is different, so they send us various briefs. The most common types of modelling jobs we present to models are:

1. Fashion photo shoots

2. Marketing / promo photo shoots – e.g. being photographed displaying products for a brand’s website

3. Video shoots

Whether you’ve been chosen for work by multi-million pound companies like Barclays Bank and Next or been selected by a small local brand, there are some common traits to our modelling jobs. These should help you imagine what to expect on your modelling day:

1. Organisation – we give models all the necessary details before each assignment      

2. Working with clients that have been approved by us. Only clients that have been assessed by us have access to a model’s portfolio

3. The best modelling fees around – all paid within 5 working days

4. Fun! Modelling is work, obviously, but there can’t be as many jobs that people genuinely enjoy so much

At the time of writing (Jan 2024), a new review came in from Emma – a debut model who had registered with us only three months previously. Emma had a shoot with a large hospitality company, and was delighted to submit her evaluation:

“It was nerve-racking at first, considering it was my first ever modelling job! I didn’t know what to expect, but we had a lovely team and I worked alongside other models that were lovely; they made me feel settled so quickly. I’d work with Greene King again in the future.”

Not knowing what to expect as a model may seem daunting. However, our models always report that they work with friendly, understanding teams and can’t wait for more work. We take reviews seriously – and personally!

This year should be another fascinating and successful one for all involved in the Models Direct family – our models, our clients and our colleagues. Whatever the types of assignment we offer you, you’re in good hands.