Can I work as a part time model?

Of course you can! What’s more – we actively encourage our models to work with us as a part time model.

It’s one of the reasons why our models love to work with us.

We know we have many positive attributes to our business – including the largest range of brands to work with, quick release of payment to models and a wonderful booking team – and one characteristic particularly stands out when models apply with us: convenience.

We’re sympathetic to a model’s needs and schedules. We know that some of our models have other commitments, and we wouldn’t expect anything else. That’s why working only as a part time model suits hundreds of models, which frees up time to concentrate on other work or pastimes.

That last word is important: pastimes. Plenty of models out there look at modelling work as a paid hobby. They won’t – or can’t – commit to multiple assignments per month or even throughout a whole year, so they’re perfectly happy working a handful of jobs. They’re grateful for the best fees around whenever they’re available. This works for us.

We never pressure models to accept jobs when they’ve been selected by our illustrious clients after we’ve put them forward. Our clients know just as well as we do that not every model is able to agree to every job. There could be a number of reasons why a model refuses an assignment, and we never ask why. When this happens, we’re just as dedicated in finding the right job for the right model. The selection procedure is a two-way process: if models aren’t comfortable with the job on offer, they shouldn’t accept it.   

It’s fair to say that a minority of Models Direct models work full time. Every individual model is different. Some models put all their energy into their work, adding as much experience as possible to their modelling eportfolios. That’s great if it works for that person. If it doesn’t, that’s equally acceptable.

Working part time with us allows more freedom. Models can indeed select which assignments to accept. We receive some briefs from clients with minimal notice, so it’s normal for models to decline the opportunity due to time restraints. It’s also normal for jobs to be declined for geographical reasons; we do have plenty of modelling work available in every corner of the UK, but we also appreciate that transport routes can be problematic.

Part time work therefore usually means that models have a better scope to decide which assignments to take on. Whilst some models might be chosen after just a few days from registration, lots of models know that instant selection is unrealistic and are content to be chosen sporadically. If it was our choice, we’d happily place all our models equally in all our available jobs. Sadly we can’t do this – we use our expertise and experience to recommend suitable models to send to clients for their final say.

Working part time as a Models Direct could be the opening you’ve been craving. If earning great fees working with professional photographers and filmmakers sounds like something you’d excel at, register with us and we’ll see what you can offer!