Why choose Models Direct?

We’re sure hundreds of our models have asked themselves the same question.

We’d be arrogant if we didn’t think models would ponder the question before applying to us. No one should apply with any agency without putting together the pros and cons, and everyone should conduct a little background research on the agency prior to applying.

Some models will ask “what have I got to lose?”. It’s important to realise that being with a top agency like us gives you a helping hand in the modelling industry. We’re the crucial link between talented models and clients wishing to use models in their photo shoots and advertising films. So, what have you really got to lose?

We must emphasise once again that being on our books gives everyone the best chance of working with top companies throughout the country – and sometimes abroad. Being with us increases your odds of being seen by the decision makers – that we know as fact. Models could approach brands by themselves, and we wish them the best of the luck. We know many models have done just that, and some have been offered work. A very small minority, though, so it’s delusional to think that just because you may have a portfolio and a dose of optimism that you’ll quickly find the key to success.

Joining an agency is the best way to be seen by brands. But why choose us, and not another modelling agency?

It’d be easy to say that models choose us because of the number of reviews on our website.

True, the reviews are valuable, and we appreciate any kind of feedback, but models need to know some key points that separate us from the other agencies. With that in mind, here are the most important aspects of Models Direct that any person with the desire to give themselves the best chance of becoming a model should know about us:

1. We started when Damian and Suzy decided to create a modelling employment agency way back in 1990. We’ve been operating and successfully growing year on year, so we’re not a “flash in the pan” company like some.

2. We’ll ask for a small, lawful registration fee to cover cost. Models can choose to pay this for one, two or three years, offering them convenience on different budgets.

3. We do not ask for professional photos when models join us – nor have we ever done that. As long as the initial photos are clear and accurate, they can be taken on a Smartphone. Some agencies will charge for photos – we do not.

4. The main objective for models is to be seen by brands who need “real life” models. As we have the largest modelling client list in the country, it stands to reason that the odds of being chosen is higher than most. Also, we make sure that all new clients are checked for authenticity. Clients come back to us time and time again, satisfied that we can provide them with quality, talented models for their campaigns.

5. We are inspected regularly by HM Government’s Employment Agency Inspectorate. Inspectors may ask at any time to ask for evidence of working conditions, the agency’s terms and conditions and details of payments / fees to work-seekers.

6. Speaking of which, we negotiate the very best fees with our clients. We also collect payment before any assignment, meaning we can pay our models withing 5 working days.

It’s not really a “hard sell” when the facts speak for themselves. Please come and meet us at our Norwich HQ for a chat if you have any questions. You’ll be able to meet the team in person!