Sit Back! – Models Direct will do the rest…..

The Summer months are an exciting time for the assignments team at Models Direct – lots of outside photoshoots, filming and events take place throughout the season and so it’s super busy for us!

The Models Direct Assignments team are receiving enquiries everyday from clients looking to book talent for their latest campaign, advertisement or commercial all over the UK. The more details the client gives the team the easier it is for them to provide a search of the ideal models to the client, fitting the look, location, personality or skill the client requires.

As a client looking to book models, one call to us will make it happen! Our Assignments team are ready to speak to you and match you with suitable talent from our database of talent who would be perfect for your next product launch, online campaign, commercial or production – sit back and let the Models Direct team do the rest!

As a model it is essential you have the right attitude to this type of work, it will be a big advantage to you! It’s very important you have a positive outlook and the ability to express emotion through your facial expressions and actions, often in commercial modelling you will be posing as a different character, so having some experience in acting can be a beneficial.

It’s essential you listen to the direction given to you by the client or their photographer. The Models Direct team will always brief you beforehand, but we can’t always be there on the day, so to make sure the assignment runs smoothly and on time, you need to respond quickly and effectively to any direction! To the client and photographer ‘time is money!”.

The modelling industry is very competitive, whether that be commercial or fashion modelling, TV work, acting, singing, etc, it is therefore essential you have the determination and are not afraid of hard work. You of course do not have to accept assignments offered to you, but don’t let opportunities to be seen in this industry slip away!