What to expect if you have to meet a casting director

Attending a casting session is often considered to be nerve racking and stressful, but it really doesn’t have to be – in fact, it can be great fun!

Models Direct rarely sends people along to casting sessions as most of our models are chosen from the portfolios we present to the client when they make a request.

The stronger the portfolio, the greater the chance of being chosen, which is why we always suggest the inclusion of good photography, as well as showreels and intro videos if appropriate.

Occasionally, however, we do have to send people along to meet a casting director and it is therefore worth having an idea of what might take place…

A casting director is the person within the production company – or brought in by the production company – to ensure just the right person is ultimately chosen for the role.

They tend to create a short list of candidates for the job and then work closely with the director in choosing the successful model or actor.

A casting director is usually highly experienced, so if you are asked to attend then they have already decided you have the right look and potential for the part.

If you are called to a casting session, you may be told what to wear and given a script to prepare – equally you may simply be asked to attend as you are.

It is essential you are well prepared, arrive punctually and looking your best and follow all instructions you are given.

Try to ensure you have a good night’s sleep before the day itself and that you are well fed and hydrated.

Remain calm before and during the casting session and try to enjoy and learn from the experience.

If you don’t understand what you are being asked to do, then ask someone to explain it to you again. It is better to be clear than to do the wrong thing.

You may be given a costume to try on and possibly even asked to attend a makeup session; you might be asked to do a screen test.

For a major project, you may even be required to attend a call back, but again this is extremely unusual with the assignments we at Models Direct tend to fill.

Remember, the casting director and the rest of the team know what they are doing and will help you to feel at ease.

We are also here to support you and will go through all the requirements in advance and be there on the end of the phone if you need us during the day itself.

We understand that attending a casting session may well be a completely new experience for you.

But just think where it could lead to if you are the right person for the role….