Modelling Trends for the Year Ahead

The pandemic disrupted almost all industries, some more than others. As we’re recovering from a challenging period that will be making it into history books, we’ll take a look at the shift in modelling trends set to shape the year ahead…

1. Clothing reboot

Since we were indoors for nearly two years – can you believe it? – loungewear and sportswear were our go-to clothing preferences for our dramatically changing world. We were stuck inside so there wasn’t a need to dress up or even wear casual clothes since we were only navigating through our gardens, kitchens, home offices and eventually outdoor recreational activities.

Now, according to The Business of Fashion, 37% of fashion executives expect us to be drawn to occasion wear which is predicted to be within the top-three of our preferred clothing categories.

Occasion dresses and workwear are rebounding swiftly as we’re adjusting to a new lifestyle where restrictions are lifting. Models can expect to be wearing these types of clothing in 2022 on the runway or for commercial modelling projects.

2. Investing in recycling

Sustainability is a hot topic we’ve all got our eyes on and with the recent COP26 which was held a few weeks back, we’re actively looking at ways to reduce our environmental footprint and the long term impact it will have on our earth.

One route the fashion world is taking is to leverage closed-loop recycling. According to The Business of Fashion, 60% of fashion executives have already taken steps to invest in this methodology or are planning to. This is where textile product waste is recycled into new textile products making this a valuable strategy that is set to take 2022 by storm in alliance with the sustainable outlook.

3. Changing user experience through social shopping

Innovative ways of presenting fashion will bring value to users’ experience through convenience and access to technology. 2022 is forecasted to explore more ways of engaging virtual fashion, from live streaming to augmented reality try-on boosting the social shopping realm. This will change how people will view and engage with fashion, even during troubling times.

We were sitting indoors scrolling through our feeds for the most part and now 70% would be inclined to shop on social media for clothing. We’re learnt that technology has been a great asset to the world during the pandemic that it’s set to continue connecting people, establishing and building new relationships.

4. Increase in modelling divisions

Our agency, Models Direct, are predicting that new modelling divisions will launch next year. What could they be? Only time will tell but over the years we’ve seen a shift in change – plus-size and models with special abilities have been recently added to our categories. So, we think we’re in for some interesting changes where more models will be called and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

The takeaway

Many predictions have been forecasted for 2022 but Models Direct have explored what’s set to happen in the world of fashion and modelling. It looks positive and busy, and we’re sure our models will have a great time being part of the modelling revolution that is in store next year.

If you’re not part of our agency, please join us – we’d love to hear from you and be part of our predicted trends for 2022!