Launch your modelling career this Summer

May is a fantastic month for many reasons…

The winter is well and truly over, despite occasional blips in the British weather. Barbecue sales increase, demonstrating an optimism not seen for weeks. Holidays are booked. Sun cream is on our shop’s shelves! May is a wonderful time of the year, with everyone in a buoyant mood, the general cheerfulness sweeping across the country. Summer is just around the corner!

Oh, and it happens to be the perfect month for models! May should be the time when models update their looks and their portfolios. It’s good practice for models to regularly revise portfolios at any time, and to acquire new photos simply as back-up – but now more than ever models need to be looking at how they can best present themselves to potential clients.

Check out handy tips for sending us your updated snaps by clicking here!

Consider this time of the year as a spring-clean – literally. It’s a modelling revival – a rebirth where opportunities increase. It is, in fact, our busiest time of the year, and models should be ready! Seasonal fashions appear frequently throughout the year, but perhaps this season could be the most action-packed yet. On what do we base this prediction? Read on…

·       Lockdown (Ahh! That word again!) is slowly unwinding, with companies emerging from a commercial slumber dictated by the pandemic. Companies need growth, both in revenue and promotion. This is great news for models, and they all should be itching for worthwhile assignments up and down the country!

·       National optimism! Everyone’s moods have shifted in the right direction. A lot of people will be keen to start something new, and that’s why modelling is expected to be even more popular (if that’s possible!)

·       Summer is a particularly important season for models and clients. Whether the assignments are holiday promotions, beachwear or for the food / drink industry, there’s something about the summer that seems to bring out the extrovert in all of us. Maybe it’s the sunshine, increasing vitamin D levels; maybe it’s the longer days. Summer is a favourite season for many, and we’re expecting the 2021 summer to be the most hectic and fulfilling Models Direct have had.

Are you ready? Well, you should be. When you’re updating your portfolio, try not to exclude any information – even if you think it’s irrelevant.

Parents – photos of babies, toddlers and children should be updated more often than those of adults, simply because a youngster’s appearance and growth change far more quickly. The key word here is “accuracy”: clients need to see a truthful and correct image of child models.

On the subject of accuracy, summer photos are a great opportunity to represent yourself in the best possible light (well, you wouldn’t take a photo in the dark, right?). Make sure the sun is behind and to one side of the photographer, and avoid wearing a lot of make-up. Be confident!

Photoshop? No thanks! We require two realistic photos  – and there’s no need to use a professional photographer. Phew! A digital camera or Smartphone are perfectly suitable. There are some great tips in the links below:

Embrace the summer, and think of it as a launch pad for your modelling career. Equally, for experienced models, use summer as the season to gain more work and to add to your modelling CV. Optimism is in the air – and modelling work goes hand-in-hand with summer!