Starpets – what makes a model pet?

All models have a certain character – something that sets them apart, making them prime modelling candidates for us, and our clients. Perhaps they have a specific look. Maybe they have a unique quality, a charm which really stands out.

You’re thinking about human models, right? Well, the above is unquestionably true for the majority of the two-legged population, but we’re experts at selecting our four-legged friends as stars of the show. That’s why our “Starpets” have been helping our clients for decades!

Near the top of the list of successful pets are cats. The reasons for feline successes are numerous – and your kitty companion could well be our next superstar! 

The modelling industry continues to be varied and celebrates diversity, but gone are the days where campaigns exclusively require adults and children. In fact, the demand for animals has never been higher. Often, animals are not only important in modelling – they are essential!

Think about all the commercials where only an animal will do. Would the precise message come across to the viewer if it weren’t for the animals? Of course not! They possess certain qualities that humans just can’t portray – and companies know this!

Better still, your pet could easily star in exciting modelling assignments up and down the country – with travel expenses paid. Just imagine – your own lovable pet travelling with you to modelling missions, with their own personal coordinator here at Models Direct HQ available to help in any way they can in your quest for pet modelling perfection. That’d be something to tell the neighbours!

If we focus on cats, we’ve booked numerous felines who’ve been “cat-a-pulted” to celebrity status because of their looks and good behaviour. An example we’re particularly proud of is a request for black and white cats to star in photo shoots for the Felix cat food brand. Did we have a couple of cats that fitted our client’s requirements? Could they succeed posing as the famous cat? Our booking staff immediately got to work to find the best suited cats, and Duchess and BoCat came up trumps – just take a look at their photos and experience in the link below:

Talk about a textbook cat booking for purfect cat products!

All pet owners should hold their faithful animal’s health and wellbeing as the priority, but as long as they’re happy, why not take it to the next level and actively promote them as pet models? If you think your cat (or dog, bird, horse etc…) would love to be a pet model, simply contact us with a couple of photos (no, not of you!), and we’ll see what they have! Have a peek at the link:

Speaking of photos, these are essential for obvious reasons. However, they don’t have to be ultra-pixelled, professionally taken. Yes, they must be clear and accurately depict your playful pet, but follow these tips and you won’t go far wrong:

1. Capture your pet in a relaxed frame of mind.

2. A neutral background is best – not of a tree, field or any other environment that your pet loves.

3. Concentrate on your pet’s facial features.

4. Make sure the photo is as symmetrical as possible – your pet’s head shouldn’t be too far away.

5. A good quality photo taken with an iPhone or other Smartphone is ideal.

Take care of your cats – and other pets – and your cats will take care of you! We look forward to hearing from all of you, and your wonderful pets