Meet the team

We’re sure all our readers have been left frustrated when trying to contact a utilities company, bank or government department. We’ve all been there and done that, right? Or maybe we’ve all been there and NOT done that, because the odds of communicating directly with them are getting slimmer. Where is everyone?

The “conversation” might go something like this:
Caller (after waiting eighteen minutes): “Ahoy there!”
Government department (automated voice): “Thank you for calling. Please hold. You’re number six in the queue.”
Caller: “Best put the kettle on, then.”
[Ten minutes pass…]

Government department (automated voice): “Thank you for calling. Please hold. You’re number five in the queue.”
Caller: “I’m missing my lunch break for this.”
[Twelve minutes pass…]
Government department (automated voice): “Thank you for calling. Please hold. You’re number three in the queue.”
Caller: “It’s progress, I suppose.”
[Another twelve minutes pass…]
Government department (automated voice): “Thank you for calling. Please hold. You’re number…one…in the queue.”
Caller: “Get in!”
[Eight minutes pass…]
Government department (automated voice): “Thank you for wasting your lunch break. Please hold. You’re number twelve in the queue.”

Is there anyone really out there? At Models Direct, of course there is!

Though we don’t compare ourselves with government agencies or electric companies (phew!), we’ll happily state that we’re a thousand times more transparent. We’re a hard-working bunch of professionals with bags of experience under our belts, and we’ve got the longest list of clients who put their faith in us to provide them the most suitable models for their needs.

So, who’s “us”? Who’s “out there” at Models Direct HQ in Norwich?

Damian leads up the team. He’s a firm advocate of giving models equal opportunities in the industry, and takes pride in reiterating Models Direct are a government-regulated, putting the safety and interests of models at the forefront of the company.

Suzy has been with Team MD from the beginning, and as Operations Director she likes nothing better than spreading the love by giving models the good news on being chosen by our clients.

Kara is another MD stalwart. She gets goose pimples when she sees MD models in all forms of media when they’ve finished a job – whether that’s on websites, in magazines or brochures, or on TV.

Andrew is our MDTW – Models Direct Technical Wizard. If there’s a website glitch, social media upload or any other niggling problem, Andrew has us covered!

Charlie enjoys (and excels at) her position of booking agent. We’re not saying she’s a chatterbox, but she particularly enjoys talking to models and clients (no chance of an automated voice here!)

Gemma is our Castings and Bookings Agent. The bustling diversity of working with aspiring and experienced models really gets her juices flowing!

Heidi comes from a customer services background, so keeping everyone informed and happy comes naturally!

Billie’s very inquisitive, so she takes an interest in the reasons why people want to get into modelling. There are lots of reasons, of course, but everyone’s different!

Anna is a social go-getter at heart, so she classes working with MD as fun, lively and hassle-free – well, with a team like ours, it’s no surprise!

Jane’s main passions are music and theatre; whenever a MD model is snapped up for a creative assignment you can see her smile from Norwich Cathedral!

Mandy is another stalwart, having been with us for 18 years. She gets a buzz from seeing the modelling process reap rewards for our models, from initial application to receiving the well-earned pay cheque!

We’re a real team, so don’t be shy – say hello us and see for yourself why dealing with a friendly and committed team beats waiting for the dreaded automated voice to turn into a real human being!