Coming out of lockdown – why brands will want to shoot

Where has everyone been? No, really – where have they been?

Whether you’ve been ultra busy or wiling away the days until normality returns, this is a question most of us have recently asked. Lockdown was once a new concept, but regrettably it’s been “par for the course” for more months than we’d all care for. And the question will have been asked by marketing departments across the globe.

Marketing is still crucial during lockdowns, of course, with online shopping hitting a new high – not to mention the scores of social media campaigns. Still, the lack of smiling customers perusing the high street shops has hit businesses harder than they’d ever imagine. When lockdown ends (no.3, no.4…who’s keeping track?), brands must pull out all the stops once again to increase footfalls and profits. Maybe there’ll be an overwhelming rise in sales simply because people will be itching to shop till they drop. Maybe some shoppers will tread cautiously because of recent furloughs imposed upon them. Whatever happens, one thing is certain: brands will use coming out of lockdown as a marketing tool in its own right. And this should mean more opportunities for models. Models just like you!

We’ve previously mentioned that modelling is permitted during lockdowns – one of the many perks about the industry. Perhaps lockdowns have given models more time to prepare and improve their skills. Lockdowns may have been beneficial for some models to sharpen their organisational skills, or to improve their overall physique (although, as you all should know by now, immaculate bodies don’t have to be the most desirable qualities for models). Coming out of lockdown should give models fresh hope of a more certain future. Yes, we know models are generally an optimistic bunch, but COVID has taken a toll on most of us, so the end of lockdown will give models that extra surge of hope.

Brands have always known the importance of models, but there possibly won’t be a more crucial time for their marketing campaigns than immediately post lockdown. Never have they been in this position – they’re pretty much in the same boat as everyone else! Competition will be fierce, and at the forefront of their campaigns will be models to distinguish them from rivals. Expect modelling shoots to be at their premium over the next few weeks! Models in advertising campaigns have worked wonders for brands for decades, so it’ll be no surprise that companies will rely on them post lockdown to make their products appeal to their customers. Brands want normality to return just as much as consumers. And with this normality comes promotions, endorsements and commercials – meat and drink to gifted models!

Speaking of which, now is a great time to get yourself “model ready”. Modernise headshots, spruce up your wardrobe…simply be more hungry for modelling work. It’s great if you’ve used lockdowns to model; if you’ve been biding your time, the end of lockdown will be the perfect moment to announce yourself to the modelling world. Just ask the brands – they’ll be screaming out for you!