Modelling Easter Campaigns

Easter means different things to different people. For some, it’s a traditional time of the year with an emphasis on children and family. For others, it’s the gateway to the summer, with the sound of “leather on willow” a mouth-watering prospect. For the more fashion-conscious amongst you, Easter is when you start thinking about trends that go hand-in-hand with sunny weather.

Models Direct and our squad of exceptional models like Easter because of a combination of the aforementioned reasons. Spring is a wonderful season to flaunt latest fashions – and some of these could merge quite effortlessly with summer styles. The general population is usually in better spirits, too, with the winter a distant bad dream. There’s much to look forward to at Easter, so it’s a time for fresh hope and waves of optimism. Oh, and there’s also chocolate. Plenty of chocolate.

Without going into specifics, Easter eggs are largely a symbol of new life. For children (and, let’s face it, most adults), they also double up as a gluttonous breakfast or lunch! Easter wouldn’t be Easter without some sort of chocolate, and eggs are the “go-to” confectionary of choice. Here are some fun facts for Easter-lovers:

  • The first chocolate eggs were made in France and Germany in the early 19th century.
  • The first Cadbury Easter eggs were made in 1875 (Mars only got in on the act as late as 1987!)
  • Crème filled eggs first made an appearance in 1923.
  • Speaking of crème eggs, Cadbury first produced them in 1971. 500 million of the little gems are produced every year. If they were all laid end-to-end, they’d stretch from the UK to Sydney, Australia!
  • Also, if all the Cadbury Crème Eggs were stacked on top of each other (no one’s tried yet…), the pile would be 10 times higher than Mount Everest. Just think what the top egg would taste like – assuming all the others were left alone!

If eggs are the most recognised thing about Easter, bunnies are certainly in second place. Though Models Direct doesn’t have opportunities for eggs (yet…!), we do welcome animals of all descriptions, and Coco & Thyme demonstrate this perfectly. These two delightful bunnies got the chance to star in an advertising campaign for Superdrug’s YouTube channel – once they got the call, they “hopped” on board! Watch this space for more star bunnies – they might appear in an Easter campaign soon.

Modelling is popular and successful at most times of the year, which is one of the reasons why models are always in demand. Our clients know the importance of certain times and seasons in terms of marketing, and Easter stands out as a great opportunity to whet the appetite of potential customers.

Easter marks a new life. More than ever, a new beginning is what a lot of people will be hoping for this year – either in the form of a new career, a new house, or simply a new look. Have a read of our latest articles to see which fashions might work best. This Easter could mark the start of a whole life for you!