Spring Trends for Men

British Summer Time (BST) commences today…hang on, what happened to Spring?

It’s a fair question. Spring is many people’s favourite season, but is sometimes overlooked by Summer as the weather tends to be better and summer holidays are booked to celebrate the end of winter. Moreover, why does BST start in Spring? According to the Met Office, this year’s Astronomical Spring runs from 20th March – 21st June, and the “meteorological” season of Spring are the months of March, April and May. So, by both definitions, BST does start in Spring. Confused? You should be.

What you shouldn’t be puzzled by is what men should wear this Spring (which, we’ve established, overlaps with BST…)

We can answer this in one short sentence: wear what you want (up to a point). Individualism doesn’t go out of fashion, and wearing what you feel like is a sign of confidence (just think back to Timmy Mallet in the 1980s – how confident was he? Mad, yes, but not shy). Plus, with a slice of luck, we’ll all emerge from the national lockdown like an over-hibernated Grizzly, eager to display our new clobber to friends we haven’t seen in months. No more lounging around the house sporting week-old stubble, wearing your favourite socks which have avoided the washing machine for days, and boxer shorts that have…OK, let’s not go there.

Spring 2021 should equal a national celebration, and there’s no reason why the ladies shouldn’t have the majority share of the fashion stakes. Coming out of lockdown means socialising again (even if it’s just with a permitted select few friends), so it’s the ideal time for men to shine. Spring is definitely not the time to wear scruffy tracksuits or moth-eaten jumpers. Be yourself, gents, but look smart!

Assuming the men among you want a few pointers on this Spring’s male trends, Models Direct has scanned several fashion outlets (both on online and print) to bring you some Spring fashion options. We’ve taken them from the latest promos and pop-ups, together with talking to a few “men about town” (granted, few and far between in the lockdown!)

  • Bermuda shorts – Usually a perennial favourite, these jolly-coloured beauties had dropped off the fashion radar, but will make a triumphant comeback this Spring. 
  • Hawaiian shirts – Two-tone colours are the way forward for 2021, with floral designs sure to be a hit.
  • Cricket tops – To get you geared up for the summer, cricket jumpers will keep chaps up-to-date, even if rain does stop play.
  • Maroon trousers – Word on the street is that maroon is the colour to be seen in from the waist down.
  • Vertical stripes – These are not only ultra-stylish, they also encourage a slimmer physique, both in the upper body and in the leg department. Win-win!
  • Conceal bare ankles – Keep your manly ankles hidden (they are soooo 2019 anyway), and instead flaunt tasteful socks.
  • Sandals a “no-go” – They’re also a “no-no”. Ditch open-toed footwear and instead plump for old-school tennis-style pumps or low-cut trainers.
  • Cotton jackets – Lightweight for heavyweight fashionistas, cotton jackets are a sensible choice due to their longevity.
  • Plain denim shirts – Simply designed yet chic, you won’t go wrong strutting about in one of these shirts.

All this trendy man talk has reminded us that 2021 could be the year you take a first step in the modelling world. You’ll need to be confident and engaging, but no experience is necessary. If you fancy being a male model with us and helping our illustrious clients in their advertising needs, please get in touch. Male modelling is exciting and enjoyable, and campaigns you’ll star in are varied. 

Male models are always needed. Just leave your sandals at home – for this year, at least.