Models Direct’s Guide to Social Media and Modelling

Social media has played an integral part in our lives since around 2004. Remember the good old days of MySpace? The platform hit the million user mark and the beginning of social media was fired up. 

The current social media giants – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok and the like, have changed the way we interact with one another online. With one-in-three people using a platform, we can see how communication thrives innovatively through these mediums. 

Everyone’s getting social…

The most strongest global brands through to small-sized businesses are on board with social media and it’s helping them reach a wider audience by driving website traffic, boosting user engagement, pushing sales and ultimately building their brand. It’s a powerful tool that shouldn’t be overlooked and as for those already keeping up with the IT trends, social media is giving companies the edge and uniqueness they need. There are loads of things users can do including photo sharing, video sharing, social networks, blogging, social gaming, business networks and reviews.  

Where Models Direct’s talent comes in 

With active campaigns breaking through on social media platforms for companies marketing purposes, the doors open for modelling opportunities. Our lovely models are regularly booked to help promote those brands. This is in turn helping to increase their exposure and get them noticed. Revving campaigns up with likes, comments, shares and subscribes is getting our models on the centre stage with spotlights shining on them.        

Exploring Models Direct’s social platforms 

We love our social media platforms and are always giving ours lots of TLC, ensuring that it’s current, jam-packed with first-hand agency news, modelling assignments and bookings (where clients give us permission to do so), introducing new talent, presenting final images, the latest trends, behind the scene shots, model’s feedback, good luck posts along with adding in some fun pics of our Models Direct team. We know the importance of optimising our business soul and firing up our rules of engagement with our popular pages – check them out right here.


We have a rocking Instagram account and with 30K followers and over 2K posts that are on the digital sphere, we enjoy showcasing all there is to tell our followers. We post regularly and are increasing our Instagram reach with influencers and talent on board. This is our space to show you what we’re about! DM us and get involved!


We knew that Facebook would be our go-to page for all the latest updates and stories about our modelling business. With 42,577 followers and 42,694 likes, our readers can check in to see the latest happenings. We fill everyone in on which assignments are being dropped off at our table and which models are being booked!  


We’ve been tweeting it up about our modelling agency and have got 6,319 tweeps whilst we’re following 4,609 twitterers. If you want to know more about us, check out our Twitter feed and our trending hashtags revolving around our models, assignments, clients, work, our team and everything else modelling related! 

Ultimately, the more social media followers we have, the more our models have the spotlight shine on them helping launch or propel their modelling careers further. Social media and modelling work harmoniously together, see for yourself when you visit our pages and feeds.