Your Year of Self-Love and Body Positivity

Models Direct love talking about trending topics such as self-love, wellness, wellbeing, self-esteem and body positivity. We understand how important it is to give yourself the importance you truly deserve no matter who you are. With the pandemic causing plenty of us to feel pressure, stress and anxiety within ourselves, it is essential that this year (and the many years we have ahead) to practice self-love and body positivity.

We’re all unique and one-of-kind; we deserve to cheer ourselves on because nothing should shatter self-belief.

We thought we’d dive right in now and ask our readers:

When was the last time you felt confident within yourself?

What thoughts do you have towards your body?

Do you use any techniques to empower you to be better?

Whether you’re a model, prospective model or looking to sign someone else up as a model, this blog is a must-read to help kick-start a new year with positive feelings towards yourself first and foremost. 

Reaching your dreams with self-love and body positivity

Models Direct strongly believe that self-love gives you the power and strength to reach for your dreams. Feeling positive with your body is part and parcel of self-love. Loving yourself isn’t being vain and self-obsessed, on the contrary, it’s about taking care of yourself, recognising your worth and prioritising your needs to be the best version of you…and when you look in the mirror, you love seeing you!

Whether you’re an existing model, prospective one, carry on reading – it will help remind you that you’re worth it 

What does self-love mean to you?

Self-love may or may not mean very much to you however understanding our value in this world and just how important our existence is, is the start of the beautiful and peaceful journey of inner peace. We can then influence all parts of our lives, and the lives of others in a positive way. It’s the foundation of everything positive. 

Who should practice self-love and body positivity?

Good question! Well, everyone! There isn’t anyone out there that shouldn’t implement these practices into their lives. 

There is lots of information out there about how best to practice these beautiful and enriching personal skills. There’s no right or wrong way, but Models Direct have a few tried and tested suggestions up our sleeve!

How we can implement self-love and body positivity

Positive self-talk

Why not tell yourself feel-good stuff you want to hear in the mirror? Positive affirmations such as, “I have value” or “I can do whatever I put my mind to,” can really help change your belief systems and outlook.


It’s great to quickly jot down how you currently feel, what your future self would be feeling and welcoming all parts of you, expressing your emotions and gaining self-awareness. Journaling is great to reflect on and see where you were a week ago or even a month ago. 


To love yourself, you need to splash in good amounts of self-care into your day without fail. It isn’t just about having a long, hot bath, using a face mask or having a massage. Rather, if you take care of your feelings, thoughts, opinions and ideas, you can learn to love you and your body better… 

Do something for you, every day!

Yup, it’s as simple as that. Dedicate something for yourself every day. Some downtime, some me-time, no matter how small it might seem, all add up in the end. When you touch base with your inner self and spend time on working towards something positive for you only, it will help you understand you, make yourself feel more valued and open your world to new skills that you might’ve thought you couldn’t do…(like modelling poses!)

So, if you are ready for the year and want to incorporate more self-love and body positivity then give our tips a go. We’d love to hear your feedback about our blog so give us a shout on our social media pages.