Modelling Summer Skincare

In this  sizzling Summer heatwave are you protecting your skin??

In all the excitement to see the sun and feel the warmth it can be easy to forget to protect our skin,   so the Models Direct beauty team have put together some helpful reminders on how to remain safe in the sun while of course achieving a gorgeous sunkissed glow!

There is lots of information in the media about how harmful UVA/UVB rays are to our skin and with  longer expsire times to it in the Summer months it’s really important to protect your skin from them.  Too much sun  can  age a person and cause discolouration to the skin, this is something models are particularly careful of and will use a high factor suncream and  avoid too much sun.

There are lots of moisturisers  on the market which have an SPF,  to protect your skin everyday use one of these on your face and body . You might want to consider using a hydrating serum in the warmer weather , being a lighter product it will feel nicer on your skin, but still hydrate and protect you with the  SPF factor.

Dry lips are something models will avoid,  when you’re infront of the camera  a model will want to have well moisturised lips, so keep them protected in the sun!  Purchase a high SPF, moisturising lip balm and be sure  to apply a good layer to your lips if you are outside.

There’s something lovely about having a shower when you have spent time in the sun, your skin feels warm and glowing, so  to cool your skin down be sure to turn the temperature of your shower down to avoid any further dehydration to your skin. Warm water dehydrates the skin, so keep the water temperature cool.

Exfoliating is an important part of the Summer skincare routine, make sure you buy a good quality one that you can use all over your body and also  a separate facial scrub. If you are infront of the camera or under lighting alot as a model you will be wearing alot of make up on your skin, so it’s essential to remove it all correctly and also use a scrub to help remove any dry  and dead skin . This will make your skin appear brighter and smoother which is ideal if you have an assignment coming up.

Body moisturiser is essential in the Summer as more of our skin is on show!  When modelling you may be wearing different clothes, be on camera or be walking the catwalk, you will want your skin to look the best it can. Moisturise your body while wet after a shower, by doing it this way  you will lock in more moisture  so your skin will stay hydrated for longer.

In the Summer months, don’t forget your legs!! When wearing dresses and skirts it’s nice to make sure our legs look the best they can, so give them an extra exfoliate and moisturise morning and evening.

For models hair is a big thing!!  Models will spend alot of time ensuring their hair is well hydrated, glossy and in great condition, so don’t let the sun dry it out! To avoid this you can use a UV protective styling balm before blow drying or a UV protective product which can be applied after blowdry, this will protect your hair and keep it in tip top condition!

We of course all want to achieve that beautiful, golden sunkissed glow and  if you live in the UK are very aware we don’t get as much sunshine as other parts of the world, so can be guilty of binge sunbathing to achieve the perfect tan, however sometimes it is better to fake it!! In the modelling  world  we are not looking for sunburnt skin or tan lines, so consider one of the  amazing numerous tanning products on the market today, alot less harmful to the skin!!

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