How do I book models? Top tips for those setting up a modelling shoot

Whether you are a production company or other agent employed by major corporation or brand or a small business seeking to promote yourself, we can help you with your models.

The process is simple, smooth and the depth of experience at Models Direct will ensure we find you just the right model or models.

Here are some of the questions we are frequently asked by those wishing to book models – together with our helpful advice:

So, how do I book model?

You can book a model by filling in the form on our website or by contacting us in another way. We are very happy to discuss your campaign with you and help you to identify the kind of model you might require or if you have a clear idea of the person or people you are seeking then we can simply provide you with a selection of models to choose from.

Will the selection of models you offer me be right for my job?

Our team has more than 30 years of experience in the business. We are adept at fulfilling requests and identifying the kinds of model you have asked for. You can then look through their portfolios and decide which one you think is best. If, when you see our models, you change your mind about the kind of person you are looking for then we can give you a whole new selection to consider.

How experienced are your models?

Our models vary greatly from those who are highly experienced to others who are new to the work but are enthusiastic and ready to learn! We have models on our books ranging from babes in arms right up to octogenarians. Our clients request all kinds of models from us for their various assignments and we are able to supply just the right person for the job.

What happens after we select a model?

Once you have told us more about the job, chosen your model and agreed and paid our fee, then we will be the liaison point between your production crew and our model. We ensure the model knows where they need to be, when, and what is required of them in terms of clothing, props and what they have to do on the day. If there are any problems we will smooth them out. We are there to support the model from start to finish and to ensure their role within your shoot is everything you hope it will be. We are responsible for paying the model after the successful completion of the assignment.

Is it really that easy?

Yes it is! Browse our website and read some of the feedback from our many clients to see what they think about working with Models Direct.