Creating the perfect holiday at home

With many of us unlikely to be able to take an exotic Summer holiday this year, we may be wondering how we are going to create the perfect holiday vibe from home?!

Whether you are in the modelling business or another profession, making sure you have a good break from work and a genuine opportunity for relaxation is essential for our health, according to recent research.

A study by Syracuse University, in New York, USA, has revealed that having a holiday can be especially good for the heart, explains Bryce Hruska, an assistant professor of public health at the establishment’s College of Sport and Human Dynamics.

What we found is that people who vacationed more frequently in the past 12 months have a lowered risk for metabolic syndrome and metabolic symptoms. Metabolic syndrome is a collection of risk factors for cardiovascular disease. If you have more of them, you are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease.  This is important because we are actually seeing a reduction in the risk for cardiovascular disease the more vacationing a person does.”

But how do you ensure you really do have a holiday, and the chance to relax and refocus if you are unable to reach the white sands and clear waters of your favourite holiday destinations?

Models Direct’s top tips to holidaying at home…

  • Make sure you really do absolutely no work at all during your time off – don’t be tempted to check your emails or to respond to voicemails. Tell your boss and your colleagues that you are going to do this. Just because you are at home does not been you should be available.
  • If you can plan a few days out during your time off then do. If not, then try to arrange some shorter excursions, walks or cycle rides to places you have never been before and take a picnic or a few treats with you.
  • If you live with friends or family members then take turns at doing the cooking to ensure everyone has some time off. Try to think up fun and exciting menus that you have never tried before, dishes from around the world perhaps…
  • Treat yourself to some new garden equipment, such as a hammock, recliner or bean bag. If you have children, investing in a paddling pool, water slide or other play items will also help them to feel as if they are on holiday.
  • Organise cinema nights, where everyone sits down to watch the same film together and perhaps you treat yourselves to popcorn or other tasty snacks you might not normally indulge in.
  • Adults might also like to treat themselves to cocktails they have not made before or have enjoyed away on holiday and to sit in the garden or by an open window on warm evenings.
  • Splash out on a couple of new holiday reads and make sure you find time to slip off for a quiet hour or two with them on your own.
  • Sleep in, stay up late – your time is your own so you should enjoy not having to set the alarm clock or being bound by a routine.

Summer is a super busy time for photo-shoots and filming work too, it’s the perfect chance for outdoor shoots and the Models Direct team can’t wait to to hear from you!