First call at the bar, please!

With bars and pubs looking to open their doors again this weekend let’s refresh ourselves on a little pub etiquette…

Most of us will be well aware that the UK government have said that pubs and bars can re-open on 4th July while adhering to the new social distancing rules.

It’ll be a welcome relief, for sure, for both businesses and customers. The day is the first Saturday of the month, with the weather expected to be glorious (if May’s record is an indicator). So, after three-and-a-half months without a customary pub drink, the chances of a frenzied weekend for the hospitality industry are high. 

In terms of workforce wanting to let their hair down, the modelling industry is no different to any other (except the modelling industry will have more stunning hair to let down!). We’ll all want to celebrate the ease of lockdown and the revival of the economy, but you may wish to ponder a few points before putting on your drinking shoes.

Firstly, spare a thought for the bar staff. By our reckoning, bar staff are some of the most important employees, and should be treated as such. A lot of staff may also be new, so be patient; even the most experienced bar staff can only serve one person at a time. Yes, there’ll be queues – but, come on, it’s not as if you won’t expect them. Don’t jostle to gain advantage ahead of your fellow drinkers. Be polite, as it may come in handy when you approach the bar for your second round. Also, ask for trays to help ease customer traffic, and write down your orders on paper if it’s a long list – it’ll help the bar staff. And don’t litter! 

That takes care of etiquette. Let’s think about you – the customer. Follow these tips for a more successful and safer experience:

  • If the pub is not within walking distance, pre-order taxis. Imagine the waiting time for impromptu taxis – you’ll save time when calling in advance. And it might be cheaper!
  • Easy does it! Don’t go in “all guns blazing” and drink rapidly for the first couple of hours – as tempting as it is. Your day could go downhill very quickly…
  • Dilute with mixers. For wine drinkers, try spritzers. If you’re partial to spirits, ask for soft drink mixers to keep rehydrated. And don’t be shy to order a shandy!
  • Dehydration is a real concern, particularly in the heat. Opt for a seat underneath a parasol, and ask for a jug of water and plastic glasses.  
  • Don’t forget sunglasses and sun cream.
  • If your town is as chaotic as you’d feared, consider going out on the next weekend. July 4th is not the only day beer gardens will be open. 
  • Remembering to “social distance” will be tricky after a few units of alcohol. Tell your friends to remind anyone to keep within safe distances; the more people that do it, the easier it’ll be. 
  • Try to cool down before going to bed, and drink a pint of water. 

So, to re-cap:


  • Put yourself in the bar staff’s shoes.
  • Seek shelter in beer gardens.
  • Use trays.
  • Use contactless payments.
  • Dilute drinks.
  • Social distance.


  • Forget your sun cream and sunglasses.
  • Drink too quickly like you’ve forgotten how to.
  • Be tempted to hug all your friends – this could test your willpower to the max.  

However you choose to recognise this significant progress in moving forward from lockdown, remember to stay safe, be kind and have consideration for others…

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