Is Modelling Good For Your Health?

Health and modelling often go hand in hand, with the media continually scrutinizing models figures, whatever their size, it’s hard to know what lengths models will go to to reach their body goals.

Modelling opens up the opportunity for positive and negative judgments about  your appearance and body, for experienced models this is part of the course and something they have grown used to, but for others it can take it’s toll!

Models Direct have put together a few helpful hints to help stay healthy and look your best while reaching your modelling goals:

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet – We have all heard of fad diets, food supplements and even starving yourself before an important audition, casting or modelling assignment, but this is a mistake. Modelling is tiring, to be in the spotlight takes up a lot of nervous energy as well as the physical pressures, from travelling, rushing around, posing and taking direction, don’t try to do this on an empty stomach or reach for the sugar and caffeine. Instead eat a sensible dinner the night before, with protein and good carbs, a healthy breakfast and take snacks with you to eat little and often throughout the shoot. Nuts, cereal bar, fruit, dark chocolate are all good snack options.
  • Stay Hydrated – We hear this all the time about drinking litres of water a day, but staying hydrated is so important. Coffee and tea are not an alternative to water when hydrating yourself, it’s water all the way! Get into a habit of having a sports bottle with you everyday, fill it up before you leave home and aim to drink at least two of these per day, more if you can. Drinking plenty of water doesn’t just help with your skin and appearance, it also give you energy. One of the first symptoms of dehydration is tiredness.
  • Look after you skin and hair – At the end of the day it’s easy to not bother removing your make up and the general grime of the day, just getting into bed is super appealing! However, you will notice how much better your skin is if you have a good skincare routine, most importantly in the evening. While you sleep your will breathe and renew itself, so by taking your make up off your skin can breath and good products will combat any skin issue you may have. Hair too needs a bit of TLC, especially if it has been over styled for a shoot, so treat it to a hair mask over night so its shiny and glossy the next day.
  • Exercise – Exercise is very important physically and mentally, we are very aware of the physical benefits, but the mental benefits are very important to, especially if you are having confidence struggles or are anxious about an up and coming shoot you have then the endorphins released when you exercise can really help these emotions. If you are not into the gym then try an outdoor activity or start with long walks or a quick run round the block, make it work for you and you’ll see the benefits.

To be a success in the model and talent industry you need energy and buckets of it, so look after yourself and be the best version of you!

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