How much can you earn with Models Direct?

It can be difficult to know what sort of money a model can earn, in this industry it can vary greatly from job to job. More experienced models may have a minimum rate, but generally  it will come down  to the job and client’s budget.

At Models Direct  we only secure paid work for our models , this means that if you accept the assignment you will receive payment on completion.  Sometimes models will work on a TFP (Time/Trade for Print)  agreement with a photographer or client,  however this is not something we  offer.

The amount a model can earn when on an assignment with Models Direct can vary from £100 to  thousands of pounds, every assignment is different!

When you are contacted  by the team to check your availability and chat to you about the assignment you have been shortlisted for they will also notify you of your fee and at that point you can decide if it’s something you’d like to do.

Models Direct recently  provided  models for a  very well known tech brand commercial and all models received approx £250 to  be extras for the day.

Models Direct also represent pets and recently provided a cat model for a large pet food brand and the cats owner received £600!

Models Direct also represents actors and extra’s and a large production company booked a  double through us for a big blockbuster film and the model was paid approx £1000, so you can see it can vary massively!

It is important to accept assignments when they are offered to you even if you feel you’d like more money for it, the more experience you gain the more money you can earn!