Modelling application pictures…which ones to use?

It’s crunch time!

You’ve done your research, know the basics about being a model and your confidence is sky-high. You’ve used the Models Direct website as your oracle of knowledge, and you’re now ready to make the first move in your career (or part-time work) as a model. Then you panic about your portfolio…or rather, about not having one!

  • Who can you ask to help with organising all your photos in a sensible order to attract the interests of an agency?
  • How many photos should you include? Should they be black and white or colour?
  • How much does a professional photographer charge?

So many questions!

Let Models Direct put your fears to rest. Though we’ve been in the modelling business for over 30 years, we’re a largely easy-going bunch and only ask for a couple of photos in your application to us. That’s right – no bulky portfolios!

When you’re ready to take a few photos (you’ll take quite a lot as you won’t capture the perfect photo straightaway), treat them as if submitting a CV to a potential employer. You’ve got one shot at the prize, so be certain that your photos are as faithful to your appearance as possible. Too much make-up is a dead giveaway to your natural beauty, and belittles what you’re all about. Going back to the CV concept, you wouldn’t cram your work experience with false statements and fabrication – the employer will straight through them. The same applies with modelling photos: this is your chance to shine, and to show us how camera-friendly you are in natural poses. 

Make sure your two photos sent to us represent what you look like in everyday circumstances. Don’t be tempted to wear additional clothes, hats or accessories that take the emphasis away from what we’re really looking for – that is, your natural face and pose. Also, refrain from experimenting with “arty” poses and subdued lighting – if we can’t see you in all your glory, it defeats the object of sending a photo in the first place!

Are application photos all about “you, you, you”?

Well, yes! Agencies don’t like other people in your photos. Why use up vital photo space by having your best friend posing alongside you? For your modelling application, other people are completely irrelevant. Remember – concentrate on your best features and focus on only you.  

Should you make submissions to more than one agency?

In general, no. When submitting to modelling agencies, stick with the one you’ve contacted initially, and take it from there when they’ve made a decision (the same procedure applies to submitting a book manuscript to potential publishers; writers know that submitting multiple manuscripts at the same time doesn’t bode well and only alienates them.) Agencies like to know that a model has chose them first and foremost, and they’ll be more inclined to treat your submission as a genuine, sincere application knowing the model has faith in them and no one else.  

See out tips about submitting your photos to use here

We wish you the best in your submission. in the meantime, don’t forget to contact us should you have any queries about your application or the types of work available through Models Direct.