Models Direct reflect on 2021

Find your favourite comfy chair, pour yourself a drink, put the fire on and relax for a minute…

That’s better, right? 

Because now is the perfect time for reflection. The festive period – both the days leading up to Christmas Day and the time around New Year – allows us to ponder on another year gone by. And what a year it’s been. For a lot of reasons…

For better or worse, it’s unlikely that 2021 won’t be forgotten for a long time. When Covid was revealed in all its horror way back in late 2019, there was obvious panic throughout the country – and worldwide. But through adversity came a shining light of hope, and that hope was realised even more in 2021.

Are we “out of the woods” yet? No. Are we back “in the weeds”? No. But we are coping better, and let’s hope that trend continues. If we are to believe what the scientists inform us (and there should be no reason to doubt them), we are increasing our collective resistance with immunisations and booster jabs. Things are now going in the right direction. We still need to be careful, diligent and considerate, and we’re sure that shouldn’t be too difficult for most of you. But, on the whole, when you’re relaxing in your favourite chair over Christmas, you’ll agree that 2021 was a better year than the latest annus horribilis that was 2020.  

What will be your lasting memory at the end of 2021? We hope that it’ll be a cherished one, amidst the uncertainty and confusion. With any luck, we can scrap the “F word” (“Furlough”) and concentrate on aspects of life that make it all worthwhile: friendships, work, family, relationships, social events, good food and holidays (feel free to add any other things that you’re looking forward to in 2022…)

If you’re a model reading this, you should be aware that modelling work was one of the few paid activities that was allowed during the lockdowns. That alone is one of the things models should be thankful for, as there were literally millions of employees in the UK scratching their heads and yawning with the boredom of being housebound whilst off work. Even better, when you’re reminiscing about 2021, just think of all the more modelling assignments that’ll be on offer – jobs that any confident model should be itching to be put forward for.

Next year may still be one of uncertainty, but it should be filled with even more optimism than 2021. We salute everyone who has shown grit and determination over the past months, and we can expect that 2022 will be another year to remember – but for more of the right reasons.

And if you think that 2021 has been similar to 2020, pause to contemplate what you’ve achieved. Go on – write down all your accomplishments. You might just be surprised about how much good work you’ve done – either at work or in your personal life. No matter how insignificant you may think they are, all accomplishments are important.

Well done on getting through 2021, and here’s to a better 2022!