Making Money from Modelling

Our rocky year of 2021 has meant a lot of industries have been affected resulting in a lot of job losses. Our modelling agency has luckily been able to stay ahead, where we’ve been navigating through the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic as best as we can.

If you’re an existing model, you’ll know that you’re in a quirky profession that offers hands-on skills, excels your interpersonal skills, broadens your horizons and shines on your CV. You’ll also know that you’re in good hands with Models Direct as we make every effort to give all of our models the chance to be put forward for work that will suit them.

Earn an income and enrich your CV

Modelling is also an excellent way of gaining extra money through part-time assignments especially when times are hard. Moreover, you can harmoniously work around projects to suit your current commitments so you’re not tied into anything restrictive which is a bonus. The beauty of this is that you have the opportunity to pick which assignments you want to do…or not. You won’t be called upon it or questioned about your choice so don’t worry about being put on the spot.

Depending on your experience, the client’s budget, and the length and nature of your assignment, you could be earning anywhere from £150 for the day up to £1000’s. What’s more, no two jobs will be alike, so you’ll be going into each project learning something new whilst adding to your thriving set of modelling skills, and your CV. 

Let’s talk about the commercial perspective

Commercial modelling is a lucrative business and is always yearning for fresh faces of any age and all walks of life. We don’t want to give the impression that current models aren’t valued the same though – they are, and always will be!

The unrealistic look of modelling

As a top modelling agency with a solid 30 years behind us, we aim to welcome more and more people to our platform. Why? Well, we know how it is to become a runway model. To have the whole package – “perfect” (unrealistic, if you ask us) characteristics such as height, build and striking features – isn’t possible. The way catwalk models look isn’t what the general population can relate to either; the idea of perfection can be more damaging than anything. It isn’t inspirational or motivating to see flawless models with moody looks and to-die-for figures in clothes you could never pull off (or fit into, mind!). Thus, Models Direct’s ethos for all these years is to encourage diversity and inclusivity of everyone, giving everyone the chance to be in the spotlight.

If you want to find out where the Models Direct action is happening, read our positive appraisals shared by our talented models about how their assignments went. Our glowing reviews say it all so please have a read when you get the chance. Head on over to our Facebook and Instagram pages to see stills and videos, or stay in the loop with our latest blogs that are released every week.