What is a booking brief?

When models are signed with us, they are included in searches and put forward to clients depending on booking briefs relayed to us by our clients.  

Booking briefs are usually short descriptions of types of models required for a job, requested to an agency by a client. A common (but nonetheless important) booking brief might be similar to the following:

“Female models aged 40-49 years required for a photo shoot.”

Clients know we have some of the best selection of models in the UK, so a generic booking brief as per the above works just as well as a more specific one. This is because our booking team is experienced in selecting the right models for the job, as per the brief.

Our team takes into account all the necessary details – that goes without saying. If a client looks for models of a certain age and gender, then we’ll start our “shortlist process” with those two criteria. If it’s a client we’ve worked with before, we might put forward a model who’s previously been on an assignment with them.

We have modelling jobs throughout the entire UK, so we may look for models close to the job location for convenience. That said, we welcome models who like to travel – and actively encourage it! – so a booking brief often doesn’t need to ask for models within a certain catchment area. Indeed, one of the aspects of our business that clients like is that we have a thorough national coverage of models – we’re not tied to a certain city or county.

So, a booking brief gives the modelling booking agents – that’s us – instructions for which models should be used for their assignments. Some briefs are generic, others are more specific. Consider the following booking brief that came in recently:

“Female model required for clothing brand promotional video.”

We took a look at the client, gauged what their target audience should be, and went one step further to specify an age range, which was 25-35 years old. This was to fit in with the brand’s target audience, meaning the video will be more effective than if a much younger or older model was put forward.

Generic booking briefs are not always restricted to humans – after all, we book hundreds of pet models each year. An example of a general pet booking brief is:

“Cat required for TV advert.”  

The breed, age, size and colour are not specified, so it’d be our job to assess the qualities of each cat we might shortlist to determine whether the individual felines would be suitable.

Clients will often want specific qualities for their modelling campaigns. How about this booking brief:

“Female model shoe size 4 required for a shoot.”

This reflects a particular requirement, as set out by the client’s needs. Though the age range was 18-35 years, a model without a shoe size of 4 would not be considered.

Often assignments connected to clothing brands will be much more specific with model measurements, this means we can only put forward models who have those specific measurements on their portfolio.

Two more examples of a precise booking include:

“Russian models required for a TV show.”

“Grandma and granddaughter required for a TV promo.” (18-80 years of age)

One of the advantages for our models is that we have an eclectic range of clients, and we have a broad range of models to cater for them. It’s win-win all round!