Stand out from the crowd – with the best portfolio photographs

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and nowhere is this more apt than in the world of modelling…

At Models Direct, one of our greatest emphases is always on the importance of ensuring our models and aspiring models not only upload the right kinds of images, but also update them with regularity.

So why are portfolio photographs so important?

1. These are the pictures our clients see – and they will make all the difference between you being offered work and not being offered work.

2. The better your photographs are, the more you will stand out from the crowd of other models, all essentially competing for the same work.

3. If you turn up to an assignment and your photographs are out of date and do not reflect the way you currently look it could affect the success of the whole shoot and the client won’t wish to employ you again.

So, what should you consider when taking your portfolio photographs?

Here are a few dos and don’ts to remind yourselves of:


·  Necessarily use a professional photographer. Following the steps outlined here is more important, plus we ask our models to update their photos every three or four months.

·  Take pictures in poor light or with a busy background.

·  Wear a hat, sunglasses or other accessory that hides or disguises any part of your head or body shape.

·  Wear too much make-up.

·  Scowl in any shots or include pictures where you don’t look open and approachable.

·  Include pictures with other people in them.

·  Put filters on any of your images.

·  Edit or distort your photographs in any way.


·  Include at least one head shot and one full-length image.

·  Ensure all photographs show your face very clearly.

·  Make sure any full-length pictures show your body outline clearly.

·  Take your photos in natural light, avoiding glare.

·  Ensure you have a clear background, with no clutter or too much going on around you.

·  Try to take the photographs against a plain background if possible.

·  Include a selection of images to show your personality, versatility and confidence.

·  Ensure you are fully dressed.

·  Showcase yourself as a smiley, friendly and approachable individual.

·  Include images showing your latest look.

·  Include images showing a tattoo or piercing.

Finally, remember to display your full potential:

If you think you could be a good fitness or sports model, then include one or two images with gym gear on.

If you believe your hair is your strong point and you could be ideal for hair modelling, then have a number of shots showing different styles.

If you are putting yourself forward for family modelling, then we obviously need to have a good selection of pictures with all family in.