Models Direct talk all things social…

Following our social media conversation

Who doesn’t love social media? We know it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but for those who are social media fans – influencers and followers – will know what great tools we now have at our very fingertips. The social media giants, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and the many more adding to the mix), have changed our world, the way we interact with our devices and with each other. We’re able to do incredible things that we probably thought would only be possible in sci-fi movies and novels.

Social media marketing

Models Direct are using social media marketing so privide awesome content (just like our current blogs and posts) so that our readers and online modelling community are always engaged, up to date and in-the-know! Instgram paticuarly allows building brilliant brand awareness to reach clients and creative people across the UK and worldwide….pretty excioting, but it’s not just about pumping out regular content though.

At Models Direct, we want to know where our leads are being generated from, meaning we pay attention to what YOU’RE saying about us and where your interest lies in our modelling agency. This helps us to push self-promotion further, so we can connect to our audience even better. Our aim is to keep you hooked and create a reliable source of fresh, informative industry content.

Influencers igniting a spark

Influencers are hot off the press when it comes to brand promotion via social media. They’re selected to collaborate with as they already have a large social media following in place. This exposure helps spread the word of mouth and adds credibility when they promote the brand.

Models Direct understands the importance of having influencers on board and a part of the MD modelling family. We have influencers who have worked with us and our clients who have helped drive traffic and generate interest in our agency from a wider, initially untapped, audience.

Models Direct social media following

Our Instagram and Twitter following is buzzing as we’re loving uploading content daily. Models Direct’s social media presence is helping our prospective and existing models stay tuned to what we’re getting up to.

With recent figures indicating that we have 4,619 following us on Twitter, and 30K followers on Instagram, our modelling agency is leveraging high with our platforms pushing forward in this new digital age. We are current and aim to evolve with the digital changes and needs of our audience so that we stay ahead, keeping content real, quirky and fun whilst broadening our readers so that we reach out to more people.

Keeping it fresh with our blogs

Alongside the social media platforms we use, our lively blogs freshen up Models Direct’s pages with the latest assignments that our models have been selected for. We keep our blogs short and sweet, but include all the details and images our readers need to know about new photoshoots, bookings and assignments.

Despite our frequent use of social media and blogs, we do not use these platforms to showcase our models and promote them. Models on our books are put forward whenever a client’s brief matches their look – on the contrary, self-promotion isn’t required. Unlike some showcase agencies we have an experienced team of in-house booking agents who use their expertise to connect with casting agents, producers and companies around the world, building relationships, this is how they actively source assignments for our talent. Our platforms do include images, yes but only to illustrate the assignments and show our readers what our models get up to.

With the use of social media, we can get our information to reach a wider target audience. This is essential to the industry as everything is very visual with photographic, commercial and promotional work, and social media certainly helps to easily carry this message through. 

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