Everyday models – we need you!

Isn’t it great to be wanted? 

It’s even better to be wanted for being you without any gimmicks or bravado. Thousands of Models Direct models feel the same way, and fortunately they are wanted daily for being themselves in front of a camera.

Our everyday models sometimes must pretend to be someone else; they may have to adopt poses and recreate scenes and characters. Ultimately, though, they are chosen by our clients because of their natural looks, and their talent.

Everyday models are confident individuals with looks that are aimed at the general population. Forget the high-end fashion magazines and giddy visions of catwalks; the brands that approach us for models do so because they know we have the range of everyday looks that will help advertising assignments hit the mark.

Our clients reflect the demand for everyday commercial models.

They, too, are varied, with aspirations of developing high quality visual or filmed content for their marketing needs. Our clients include trusted financial companies and high street retail brands, notable charities and leisure companies all searching for the finest models with the desire to go that extra yard in helping them make show-stopping material. What’s more – you can easily be involved as an everyday model.

At the time of writing, the UK’s economy is a little healthier than it was a few months ago. Good news for everyone, although the commercial modelling industry is largely unaffected by such ups-and-downs. Brands constantly look to introduce new products and to improve current ones, so the demand for photographers, marketing experts and models is always high. It’s one of the reasons why we flourished during Covid times, and why we could place a huge amount of modelling talent with our clients.

Now, with the economy once again on-the-up, it’s never been a better time for prospective models to give themselves the very best chance of being recommended to clients – and that starts with joining a reputable modelling employment agency with the resources and expertise to cope with the increasing demand.

It’s not just a passing comment that we need everyday models. We know this because of the number of jobs that our clients come to us to fill. Our team is inundated with jobs from companies that require models well in advance of the assignment, or sometimes at the last minute. Either way, the demand remains high, and models need to give themselves the best chance of being seen by clients.

Everyday models don’t have to have “everyday” looks. Quirky features that stand out can elevate a photo shoot, and models of diversity remain highly sought-after. Everyday models are the epitome of commercial modelling, appealing to a wide range of consumers.

When you apply with us, you’ll be wanted by our clients. This is a fact, although we always say it’s never a guarantee to be picked by clients. It’s their decision, but thankfully we’re experts at knowing which types of models our clients are looking for.  That model could be you!