Tips for taking summer photos & video

The winter seemed to have dragged a bit. Our models know that all seasons have their own special conditions to make photos and videos for eportfolios effective. There have been hints from the people at the Met Office that this summer is going to be a belter, now is the optimal time to don the summer wear and take advantage of the favourable weather.

Good news for everyone, and even better news for models. Summer is a lovely month for getting out there and achieving great things; we often find our energy hits peak levels in warmer conditions, and certainly the days are longer and filed with promise. A lot of us generally find summer more productive, so there’s no excuse in ignoring your portfolio pictures to tempt our eclectic range of brands with your looks and talent.

Before you don your summer wear, think about how best to utilise the summer months to your advantage. It’s not just a case of slapping on the sun cream and snapping away to your heart’s content. It takes a little research, and a smidgen of organisation.   

First up, don’t assume that bright sunshine makes for clear photos or excellent filming conditions. In fact, this is rarely the case. Avoid the midday and early afternoon, when the sun is at its highest point. Instead, seek out shade. No one likes squinting when posing, and bright sunlight often causes unwanted shadows; not so bad when filming modelling reels, but very annoying when capturing the perfect photo. Late afternoon / early evenings, as well as early mornings, generally provide the best times in the day for films and photos.

Secondly, spend time understanding your camera’s setting; apertures and shutter speeds are the two most important aspects to experiment with. For example, you’ll need a faster shutter speed if you’re taking pictures of people or pets in motion.  Digital cameras are still popular, and different models have different settings for the time of the year. Most models know that photography is important to their success, but we appreciate that you don’t need to be an avid photographer to get results – step up the Smartphone! Try different grades on your phone to obtain the best colour gradients once you’re happy with the photos.

Thirdly, when filming reels (keeping them short), think about the most suitable backdrops. Don’t film with too many distractions in the background. Practice filming under trees, to the side of gates and fences, and to the side of buildings to achieve the perfect sun : shadow ratio. You may not get it right on the first few attempts, but practice makes perfect. If you’re lucky enough to be relaxing on a beach this summer, don’t over-do the sun hat / sun glasses combo; take a few snaps wearing them, but take more without them as our clients want to see your eyes and hair as well.

A couple more summer tips: don’t wear too much make-up, as it may “run” more in warmer weather. Trust your natural look, and avoid vivid filters when using Smartphones.

The potential for being selected for modelling jobs because you’ve updated your ePortfolio photos has never been higher. This summer could be the turning point in stepping farther up the Models Direct job ladder. Use your time wisely, and don’t rest on your laurels.

We have the brands that are actively looking for models just like you. We hope the summer sun shines favourably on you in 2024.