Making Your Model Application Glow Up

When you whizz your modelling application off into the digital world, it’s hard to know how to make it land with a ping and glow up! Models Direct will let you in on some industry secrets that will help your modelling application grab immediate attention because we receive many applications every day. We’ll take a look at what you can do to make yours, your child’s, your friend’s, your family’s or your pet’s land into our system and stand out! Let’s go!

Follow our application image guidelines

When applying, you’ll need to add two profile images – without these, the application won’t be able to move forward to the next stage. Models Direct needs one headshot and one full-length body shot, that’s all. Both images need to be clear, basic shots captured in front of a white background, and in portrait format. The ideal height-width ratio needs to be 5:4. The same would apply to your baby, junior and pet! It might some time to get the perfect shots but it’ll be worth it and help the application process speed up.

To make your images glow up, you don’t need to wear heavy make-up or have your hair done professionally. On the contrary, they need to be as simple as possible with neutral-coloured clothes. Accessories such as jewellery, hats, scarves or bandanas aren’t needed to glow up your images.

However, if you have any unique features – tattoos, piercings, beauty spots, braces or striking features – showcase them too! You can take a look at our blog which looks at unique physical characteristics.

Are you on socials?

If so, let our team know when you’ve sent your application over. When one of our modelling coordinators touches base with you, share your socials with them. You can also pop it into an email. We can take a look at your online presence and understand your visibility.

Do you have a website?

(We do! It’s new and refreshed so check it our here in case you’ve missed it!)

It’s not necessary to have one, but if you do have an online home to your profile pics, or things that interest you, please share it with us. This can add as a unique selling point, setting you apart from other models.

If you’d like to make your model application glow up, it’s much easier than you think! There are no tricks but lots of treats with positive outcomes in the end. Follow our application image guidelines, and let us know if you’re on any socials and if you have a website. All of these areas will help lead to processing your application faster, getting you onto our books and being visible to clients. Good luck! If you have any further questions, get in touch with our expert team!